Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July with a chance of fireflies!

We are packing and oh so ready to go! Reservations, CHECK! E-tickets printed, CHECK! City Pass purchased, CHECK! CHICAGO, HERE WE COME! B and I are so excited! This is our first time to the Windy City, geez I hope it's not windy! We are starting of the trip with The Taste of Chicago, followed by a Cubs vs. White Sox game! B is so excited to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field and I have to admit, I REALLY want to see this stadium! Also on our agenda, celebrating the 4th at Navy Pier with fireworks, an architecture cruise, Shedd Aquarium, Museums, Hancock Observatory and the list goes on!

B has researched and helped so much in the planning of what we are going to do in our 4 days. I'm in charge of the packing list and all the organizing. I really love planning and making sure everything is in order, I thrive on this There is one downfall to this. You see, B will tell me I did a great job planning and getting our schedule in order, (I have a folder with all the confirmation numbers, tickets printed, directions, etc) I am organized! But the risk I am taking by being in charge, is that I am going to be responsible during the first sign of trouble! If there is a missed train or we end up in Milwakee, I'm going to hear it! I'll just plug my ears.

Ok so we are total food lovers and know that we are going to eat our way through this city! Everyone keeps recommending restaurants, hot dog stands, and pizza joints...good thing we have been eating good and working out all week! Another plus, we will be walking - a lot. I'm excited to spend the 4th is one of the most American ways possible. I'm thinking a festive outfit, maybe some red white and blue junk we buy form street vendor, a ride on the Ferris Wheel, watching fireworks, all while holding my B's hand and being in his arms. Gosh, I can't imagine a better trip and there is literally no one I would rather spend it with. Gosh, I am a lucky girl! 

Below is a little sneak peek at my suitcase.  


This wardrobe is a little tough because I live in Phoenix. Phoenix is HOT, no, more like a burning dry oven. So, with that being said, I am not too familiar with humidity. The weather report says the high is 80's. I will be cold. I know, ridiculous, but I am always cold. My dilemma is the humidity, is it going to make it feel warmer? Ahh! I think I am packing dresses and flip flops as well as boots and sweaters. B is so lucky he gets to help with my suitcase. :) Oh and he bought us Cubs shirts, mine is above, cute, right? He did a good job picking out a girlie fitted shirt and it has that vintage look to it. 
Oh, and one last thing! I almost forgot, I am very very curious about fireflies and I have NEVER seen them. Ever. So last year for our anniversary B gave me the cutest fake fireflies in a mason jar. They are on little leaves and light up real bright, then dim down and flicker. Sweetest gift ever, I loved them and the thought of it. I checked for fireflies in Chicago in July and I have to say, my chances are pretty good this time of year.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Likes!

What I like for my face.
Mac lipstick in cream cup - Great nude lipstick. If you are looking for a nude with a hint of pink this is it.

Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas Mineral Makeup - I don't even really like calling this makeup. It's light, oil and talc free and feels great on your skin. It is a mineral makeup that I personally think is the BEST. You can build up coverage and your face literally looks airbrushed. It gives you a nice healthy glow.

Maybelline Full N' Soft mascara - There are thousands of mascaras out there and believe me, I have tried my fair share! If you are looking for a great drug store mascara, you must try this. It is my go to.
 NYX eyeshadow in highlight - These are nothing short of amazing! These are $4.99 each and the first one I discovered was the "highlight" this is great for under the eyebrow, right on the bone. It adds the perfect highlight and brighten your eyes. I have tried a few other colors and the pigment is great, plus they come in a variety of fun colors. I will always adore mac shadows but these come very close for more than half the cost!

Sephora lipliner in Native Nude - I have been using this liner for years. I don't wear it everyday but it's a nice subtle liner for nude color. I also will lightly line my lips with this and then use gloss.
Lorac TANtalizer bronzer - Lets be honest, we all need a little healthy glow sometimes! I go from having a nice tan to pasty pale in the winter! A couple sweeps of this brightens up my face. Remember, when using bronzer, sweep on the tops of cheek bones outward, then on top f the nose, across the forehead and touch the chin. Oh and, don't use too much,  you WILL look orange.

NARS lip gloss in Chihuahua - Another daily fav. I wear this with the Native Nude lip liner (mentioned above). It is a mauve color that can be worn everyday. I also use this as a base and I layer it with something much lighter like mac's Wildly Lush for the perfect combo!
Cetaphil Lotion - My daily face lotion, morning and night. It is inexpensive and fragrance free. I don't like things on my face that have a strong fragrance. This is light, yet moisturizing. In AZ, there is no such thing as too much moisturizer. Dermatologists recommend it, and my dermatologist has recommended it, really.

Bare Escentuals face brush - This little brush has lasted me quite some time! It is my all purpose brush. I use it when I want light coverage makeup, also for bronzer and blush. It's universal and never has little stray hairs!
Shu Uemura eye lash curler - If you do not use an eyelash curler, you should. It is a small investment and adds so much!Most eyelash curlers are under $10.00 and it's really hit or miss, sometimes they are amazing and other times they don't even grasp the lashes. This curler is about $17.00, just pay it. You lashes will love you.


What I like for my body.
Flower by Kenzo - This fragrance is beautiful. My coworker came in one day with is and it was just a happy bright scent. One smell and I was loving it. It also comes in a small travel spray, perfect for your purse.
Pure grace lotion - One of my staple items. Pure grace lotion is moisturizing and the fresh, clean scent is indescribable. Actually I can describe it. It is a mix of soap and water with a hint of sunscreen. Weird I know, but it is the best fresh beach smell.

Neutrogena Micro Mist Self Tanner - Spray tanning is the way to go. I have this on stand by at my house when I can't go into a salon to get the professional spray tan. It sprays evenly and seems to last a few days. I like the micro mist, it's hard to miss a spot or have streaks.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Charming Charlie.

I just wanted to share this great find! The first time I walked into Charming Charlie, lets just say my eyes lit up and my smiled was huge! If you have never been, it's enormous. Front to back, left to right - accessories! I also like that it is organized by color. My advice would be to come to this store with things you need in mind, otherwise you might be overwhelmed. It's fun to shop here for bright new accessories and costume jewelery. If you need a certain item or the perfect earrings to go with a dress, you will find it here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home is where your mom is.

One of my very best friends got me a tiny vase that reads "Home is where your mom is." I just love it. It's so true. Until you reach that point in your life of having your very own home, at least for me, home is that loving place where mom welcomes you. 

I have lived in several different places throughout my life thus far. If you are anything like me, you have had college roommates. I also attended 4 different colleges, so I've had my fair share of moving around. Packing, unpacking, trips to good will, endless trips to Ikea and Michael's, all to make the temporary home, more like home. Don't get me wrong, I loved having roommates and new places, new memories, but at this point I am ready to have my own home. I believe I am in my last place, my last rental being just me. It's bittersweet, it's and ending to a place that I have been use to. I am ready for what is to come in life. For now, my last place with my roommate is wonderful, I am living with my best friend in the most adorable house.
Just because I don't have my own house with my own family yet, doesn't mean I can't decorate the 3115 with all my fun DIY projects. I know the saying is "you can't take it with you" but in this case I can. 

Here are a few fun things I have done recently:
1. Chalkboard

B says, "you're making what, a chalkboard, why?" I respond, "because honey it will be cute for the house, we can write messages and cute quotes." "Ahhh, quotes." Boys just don't think like girls. The project was fun to make and definitely rewarding at the end. I still don't know if B feels the way I do about it. I just adore it. Anyway, it was fairly simple to make and once it was over and done with, it was only about $50. 

I did a little research on how to make this chalkboard, it seems easy but I wanted to make sure I did it right. Here is my tutorial:
Choose an old picture frame that is a good size and style. I found this one at my parents house. They were not using it and the picture inside had no business being hung in their house. You can also make a frame with crown molding, I looked into this but it was going to cost another $45 to make the frame, plus I liked the vintage look of this frame. 

- Frame
- Spray paint ( I chose a antique white)
- Particle board, measure to fit the frame. Take your frame into Home Depot and they will cut it to fit perfectly for the frame.
- Sandpaper (not too rough)
- Grey primer
- Chalkboard paint (comes in green or black)
- Gorilla Glue
- Chalk 
- Paint roller (must be a dense sponge roller)

Once you have all your supplies, it's quite simple, lightly sand the particle board. Wipe excess off with damp paper towel. After it is dry, prime the board with the grey primer. Allow to sit overnight. Paint two coats of chalkboard paint. Allow first coat to dry for a least one hour. Second coat needs to dry for 24 hours. 

During one of the 24 hour drying periods, spray paint your frame. I did two coats and allowed mine to dry overnight. There are some spots that the original copper color shows slightly, but I like it. 

Once everything is dried, you place the board in the frame and use Gorilla glue to secure. Allow to dry over night. 

Ta Dah! Done and Done. I also read somewhere to prime the chalkboard with chalk. So just lightly cover the board in chalk. Then erase it an it's ready for use. 

I didn't plan on giving instructions on this so if it's confusing, just ask, and hopefully I can explain better! 

2. Sunshine lemons & limes

These are just something cute for summer, lemons and limes added a bright pop of color to our kitchen. I found the lemons at Crate and Barrel and the limes at our local Dollar Tree. 

3. Talk to me. Message Center and Save the Dates

Again other little thing I have been wanting to make. I remember these from maybe Junior High but mine was a lot smaller. I wanted this to be simple and classic. I just choose a basic fabric and black ribbon. The decorative push pins just do it for me. When I added those, I smiled.

4. Fresh flowers

I am in no way responsible for these little lovelies. B comes walking up to my door on a random Monday after work. These in hand. He was not in trouble, nor was he preparing to tell me something to get him in trouble, he was just being his sweet incredible self. He said he thought he needed to bring me flowers because it had been awhile. He is just more than amazing. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Confession. I have been blog stalking. A lot. I cannot get enough. I look up at the right corner and it's 10:00pm, then I blink and that corner is telling me it's midnight. I envy the women who make the time to blog. With everything that each of you must have going on, I praise you for being accountable for these wonderful places I have found. You make the time to show and tell. I am inspired, inspired to create a little something of me. My initial thoughts about blogs and where they come from:

The engaged 
The pregnant
The first time mommy
The entrepreneur 
The working woman
The fashionette
The DIY home guru

I will also admit that I have read all types of blogs, all are wonderful and all get my attention. Truth be told I want it all. I am thrilled that I have yet to live some of these moments. So my conclusion is, lets document this. This is my life, I'm living it and I want to document the ride if you will. No more waiting, I'm ready. 
I need to get organized on how this blog will work. I want a couple consistent ideas per week. 

Marvelous Monday - Mondays are the worst, so I want to make Mondays bright. I'm going to start the week off right by choosing a favorite outfit, taking some pics and being accountable for being the best I can be.
Wednesday Wisdom - This day will be the day I share. I want to talk clothes, makeup and HAIR. I will share all the secrets and tricks I have so called "mastered" thus far.
Shine on Sunday - I love these days. A time to be. I want to be grateful.

In between, I will share the personal things. My career, my love, my family and friends, the pieces that make my life incredible. I have always had a love for listening and thinking and understanding. I love giving advice, I love to be faced with challenges and see how our minds process things. I love seeing every perspective and knowing that
Blogging tips