Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Confession. I have been blog stalking. A lot. I cannot get enough. I look up at the right corner and it's 10:00pm, then I blink and that corner is telling me it's midnight. I envy the women who make the time to blog. With everything that each of you must have going on, I praise you for being accountable for these wonderful places I have found. You make the time to show and tell. I am inspired, inspired to create a little something of me. My initial thoughts about blogs and where they come from:

The engaged 
The pregnant
The first time mommy
The entrepreneur 
The working woman
The fashionette
The DIY home guru

I will also admit that I have read all types of blogs, all are wonderful and all get my attention. Truth be told I want it all. I am thrilled that I have yet to live some of these moments. So my conclusion is, lets document this. This is my life, I'm living it and I want to document the ride if you will. No more waiting, I'm ready. 
I need to get organized on how this blog will work. I want a couple consistent ideas per week. 

Marvelous Monday - Mondays are the worst, so I want to make Mondays bright. I'm going to start the week off right by choosing a favorite outfit, taking some pics and being accountable for being the best I can be.
Wednesday Wisdom - This day will be the day I share. I want to talk clothes, makeup and HAIR. I will share all the secrets and tricks I have so called "mastered" thus far.
Shine on Sunday - I love these days. A time to be. I want to be grateful.

In between, I will share the personal things. My career, my love, my family and friends, the pieces that make my life incredible. I have always had a love for listening and thinking and understanding. I love giving advice, I love to be faced with challenges and see how our minds process things. I love seeing every perspective and knowing that

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  1. I always seem to find the most interesting blogs when I'm not looking for them! I.e. yours! I like the idea of having separate day themes too, I've been brainstorming that for my own blog. I can't wait for a hair post though, 'cause yours looks fab in your header pic :)


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