Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home is where your mom is.

One of my very best friends got me a tiny vase that reads "Home is where your mom is." I just love it. It's so true. Until you reach that point in your life of having your very own home, at least for me, home is that loving place where mom welcomes you. 

I have lived in several different places throughout my life thus far. If you are anything like me, you have had college roommates. I also attended 4 different colleges, so I've had my fair share of moving around. Packing, unpacking, trips to good will, endless trips to Ikea and Michael's, all to make the temporary home, more like home. Don't get me wrong, I loved having roommates and new places, new memories, but at this point I am ready to have my own home. I believe I am in my last place, my last rental being just me. It's bittersweet, it's and ending to a place that I have been use to. I am ready for what is to come in life. For now, my last place with my roommate is wonderful, I am living with my best friend in the most adorable house.
Just because I don't have my own house with my own family yet, doesn't mean I can't decorate the 3115 with all my fun DIY projects. I know the saying is "you can't take it with you" but in this case I can. 

Here are a few fun things I have done recently:
1. Chalkboard

B says, "you're making what, a chalkboard, why?" I respond, "because honey it will be cute for the house, we can write messages and cute quotes." "Ahhh, quotes." Boys just don't think like girls. The project was fun to make and definitely rewarding at the end. I still don't know if B feels the way I do about it. I just adore it. Anyway, it was fairly simple to make and once it was over and done with, it was only about $50. 

I did a little research on how to make this chalkboard, it seems easy but I wanted to make sure I did it right. Here is my tutorial:
Choose an old picture frame that is a good size and style. I found this one at my parents house. They were not using it and the picture inside had no business being hung in their house. You can also make a frame with crown molding, I looked into this but it was going to cost another $45 to make the frame, plus I liked the vintage look of this frame. 

- Frame
- Spray paint ( I chose a antique white)
- Particle board, measure to fit the frame. Take your frame into Home Depot and they will cut it to fit perfectly for the frame.
- Sandpaper (not too rough)
- Grey primer
- Chalkboard paint (comes in green or black)
- Gorilla Glue
- Chalk 
- Paint roller (must be a dense sponge roller)

Once you have all your supplies, it's quite simple, lightly sand the particle board. Wipe excess off with damp paper towel. After it is dry, prime the board with the grey primer. Allow to sit overnight. Paint two coats of chalkboard paint. Allow first coat to dry for a least one hour. Second coat needs to dry for 24 hours. 

During one of the 24 hour drying periods, spray paint your frame. I did two coats and allowed mine to dry overnight. There are some spots that the original copper color shows slightly, but I like it. 

Once everything is dried, you place the board in the frame and use Gorilla glue to secure. Allow to dry over night. 

Ta Dah! Done and Done. I also read somewhere to prime the chalkboard with chalk. So just lightly cover the board in chalk. Then erase it an it's ready for use. 

I didn't plan on giving instructions on this so if it's confusing, just ask, and hopefully I can explain better! 

2. Sunshine lemons & limes

These are just something cute for summer, lemons and limes added a bright pop of color to our kitchen. I found the lemons at Crate and Barrel and the limes at our local Dollar Tree. 

3. Talk to me. Message Center and Save the Dates

Again other little thing I have been wanting to make. I remember these from maybe Junior High but mine was a lot smaller. I wanted this to be simple and classic. I just choose a basic fabric and black ribbon. The decorative push pins just do it for me. When I added those, I smiled.

4. Fresh flowers

I am in no way responsible for these little lovelies. B comes walking up to my door on a random Monday after work. These in hand. He was not in trouble, nor was he preparing to tell me something to get him in trouble, he was just being his sweet incredible self. He said he thought he needed to bring me flowers because it had been awhile. He is just more than amazing. 

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  1. I totally agree with the statement "home is where your mom is..." and I'm already all grown up with a home of my own! Lol!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, girl! Yours is super cute too. Good luck with it! I'm happy to be your 2nd follower! ;)


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