Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Be kind, and shine.

There are times that I just want to stop and be thankful. Thankful for everything in my life, for I am so very blessed.
A few recent events have reminded me how precious life is. Nothing is for certain; life can take a turn in an instant. I catch myself really thinking about the person I am and the person I want to be. It is the people in your life that truly make life worth living. I love this saying and I just wanted to remind myself yet again to:

I got to see an old friend this past weekend and she is the perfect reminder of a truly wonderful person, one with the biggest heart. She is genuine and sincere and someone I admire greatly. I am so thankful that we have kept in touch over the years. I am so happy for her and the way her life has unfolded! This past weekend was a celebration for the baby to come. She is an incredible daughter, friend, sister and wife so I know she'll knock being a mommy out of the park! Being around her makes me smile and want to shine, inside and out.

On a side note, I left a little something on my roomie's door tonight, I hope it brings a smile to her face. 
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love that quote and I love that you left something sweet for you roommate just because. We could all use a little of that.

  2. Kris- Thanks so much for visiting my blog http://www.mywordsinterestslife.blogspot.com and becoming my newest member. I thought the book Heaven is for Real was so-so. There were points in the book that moved kind of slow, but it was a good read overall. I'm so excited to have met another blogger. If there's ever anything I can do for you let me know! Have a great evening.


  3. I love that quote, a very good thing to remember! Cute pictures too, I love your dress! Aww, that's sweet that you left that fro your roommate too. :)

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