Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cake! Pops!

Let me start off by saying, these are so much fun to make! I cannot wait to make more and explore with all the endless decorating options I have stored in my head! Alright, so I have always wanted to make these adorable little treats and finally it was time! I decided to try them out for my friend's birthday. Below is the finished product, and after that you will find start to finish instructions on how to bake these little pops, all by yourself. Don't worry, they are not too hard and totally worth every second you spend making them!

Step 1: Get your supplies ready! Here is what you will need:

Baking Pan
Pam or spray butter
Chocolate cake mix or Devil's Food Cake mix
Lollipop sticks ( Find these at Michael's)
Candy Melts (Variety of colors are available at Michael's)
Food coloring (Optional)
Circular Styrofoam for display 

Step 2: Line your baking pan with tin foil, then lightly spray it with Pam.

Step 3: Follow the directions for the cake mix of your choice.

Step 4: Let the cake cool thoroughly. Once cool, put the cake in a large bowl and start breaking it up with your hands.

Step 5: Use 1/2 of the frosting in the frosting container, mix into the dry crumbled cake. YEP, your hands are getting messy. This is going to keep the cake moist and hold the balls together. 

Step 6: Now start forming the balls. You can judge how big you want each pop to be. About this size:

Step 7: Now place the balls on a sheet of tin foil, I suppose wax paper would work just fine too. 

Step 8: Get a small microwave safe bowl for the candy melts. Follow the heating directions on the bag, low heat, stirring frequently. It may be easy to burn the candy melts so be careful. Luckily, I didn't burn it {WHEW} but just watch close.

Step 9: Take a stick and dip it into the melted candy make sure the stick has covered at least an inch of the stick, then put the stick into the ball. This is going to "glue" the stick to the ball. Do this to all of the pops and let dry. Make sure you let dry because they will fall apart if you don't. 

Step 10: Once they are cooled, start dipping and drizzling! I learned as I went on this part. Dip the bottom of the pop in the candy to cover it, then hold the pop at an angle and start spooning the candy over the ball. Twist is around to get it all covered. Let excess candy drip off. 

Step 11: Place the pop in the Styrofoam circle, start from the middle working your way outward. I placed mine in the refrigerator to help them set quicker. Let cool so the candy hardens.

Step 12: Decorating! Ok, for this part I bought white candy melts and was going to dye the candy yellow for my swirly design part. However, when you add food coloring to the candy melts, it dry out, and it happens quick! I did this three times, thinking I was doing something wrong. Something just happens when those two things mix. SO - I would suggest just buying the candy melts in the color(s) you want to decorate with. I made another trip to Michael's here. 

Back to frosting, once you get the color you want to decorate with, same thing, melt the color and pour into a small zip lock. If the candy is still warm, it will drizzle fast and thin. Let it sit and begin to harden, I found it easier to work with. Now just drizzle on top of the cake ball in what ever design you would like...and TAH DAH!

Like I said, I can't wait to try new designs for these little pops! 
Just in case you were wondering, EVERYONE loved them! The birthday girl was especially excited for her yummy treats!


  1. These are SO adorable! They make me think of LSU!

  2. Thanks! The birthday girl is a HUGE Lakers fan so I just had to do purple and yellow! :)

  3. oh my gosh, these are awesome!! I bet they were as delicious as they look.
    Love your blog, soooo cute :)
    now following, can't wait to read more!


  4. these are the cutest things i've ever seen! i am not a baker, but i'm going to have to give these a shot because they're so cute and perfect for parties because they're so easy to serve/eat!

  5. this is so cute! I love it. I can totally see myself trying this for the most random occasions hehe

  6. these look delicious! you're very creative. I definitely want to attempt this when I have a spare moment.

    x. jill

  7. These look SO insanly delicious!!!!!

    Check out my work shop/blog too!

  8. Okay so I am not sure if I can express how much I am loving this post! I LOVE cake pops and I have been wanting to make my own so bad but I didn't know how! Thanks to you I know do and I will be filling my kitchen with them the first chance I get!! I might have to run extra miles but hey these puppies are soo worth it! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  9. yumm!! im jotting down your instructions for these & can't wait to make them :) thanku!


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