Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to my B!


B's birthday just passed and I think he had a great one. First off, the
single best part was that we were together. Last year, still living in
different states was super hard! I am so thankful that I was able to wake up
right next to him and be the first to say "Happy Birthday!" The birthday
festivities started with the Chicago trip and the Cubs game. This was our
big thing for his bday. We had an incredible time. Here are a few pics and
highlights from our amazing trip. Top 5 things about the trip:

1. Cubs vs. White Sox game.
2. The Museums, wow. Incredible.
3. The food, ok specifically Portillo's. AH-MAY-ZING! Oh and we had dinner
for under $12 there. Imagine that.
4. The city views and indescribable architecture. You just have to see it.
5. Vacationing with my B for the very first time.

We arrived home early Wednesday morning and had to go directly to work. Ugh.
Not a happy camper. The next day, B's parents came to town, we all went out
to dinner and then...Yogurtology. YUM! Then next morning was the morning of B's
actual birthday. I couldn't sleep, I was excited. I woke up way early to set up his
balloons and birthday basket filled with his little favorites, candy, coupons, running socks, a sleep mask, snacks etc. Then, I made his favorite breakfast sandwich and woke up that beautiful face.

The rest of the weekend was spent with family. We enjoyed our weekend with
his parents, sister and her family. His nephew shares the same bday so
we did a joined celebration. The weather was beautiful in Payson, so much
cooler and a nice little break from the heat. We even had a night of pouring
rain, thunder and lightning.

It doesn't end there, last night we went to the Home Run Derby...aren't we
just so sporty!?! It was a lot of fun, B and I each picked who we thought
would win, mine made it further so B will be making me dinner this week.

So overall I hope he has a wonderful birthday. I mean, we covered being
together, traveling, sports, family and food. I think he would give it an

Happy Birthday Baby.

{On a small side note, I need to include this little tid bit...as it's one
of the many reasons why I love this man. Monday morning back at work after
this crazy couple weeks, an email. He is thanking me for being
such an amazing person. He is thanking me for all that I did and all that I
do. Thanking me for being me, and expressing how very lucky he is. Wow. 
I love doing things for others, so much. I love giving and taking the time to
make someone's day a little brighter, birthdays are my favorite. I love that
he took the time to say thank you. I love even more that he is happy, it brings 
me happiness...and that's what it's all about.}


  1. so sweet! looks like you guys had a great time!



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