Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a little bit of lovie.

a little bit of lovie

From top left:
Striped Skirt: Ruche
Teal dress: Nordstrom
Flower by Kenzo (Travel Purse Fragrance): Sephora
Catching Fire: Book 2 in the series 
Michael Kors watch: Norstrom
Gold and white stone necklace: Nordstrom
Sam Edelman: Endless.com
Stila Lip gloss in Grapefruit: Ulta
Sun Hat: Dolce Salon and Spa
Essie in missmatched: Ulta

On another love note....

I'm planning on sending a little love in the form of a care package to my baby brother. Well, he's not exactly a baby, he's starting high school, yes high school - in a MONTH! Since he is a boy, I'm sure he is not expressing how nervous he is but I try to think back to my first day. Let's be honest we all are nervous! So being the wonderful BIG sister that I am, I am preparing a great package to send to him. I need ideas though! So far I'm thinking some basic boring but needed school supplies, candy and a few of his favorite snacks. Some money, maybe like $20 and I might just get all $1 bills. Next, a backpack is critical, I mean it shows your style and is a SUPER important item for first day. I can remember when Jansport was IT, one year you wore it on both shoulders and the next you wouldn't be caught dead,one shoulder was the way to go. Oh then there was the satchel or across the body bag, mine was from Gap and it was oh-so cool. OK, back to the point, I need to find out what the "in" backpack is this year for him. I also know that he wants some new Vans, the old school light blue ones. Those are my ideas so far, so I need to build from there. I just want him to be surprised and feel special. I want him to know I am thinking about him and wishing him luck on his first day.


  1. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that I cold find yours!! Loving it!! I have a Michael Kota watch similar to that one in rose gold! I absolutely love it! If you're considering buying one- I say DO IT! and I love the hunger games series!!

  2. Haha I remember when it was considered totally loserish to wear BOTH straps. I used to be so self-conscious about it! Lol.

    I don't have brothers so I can't really say if this is good advice, but maybe a couple nice shirts since boys are typically clueless about what to wear. He won't admit that he's worried about it but I'm sure he is! Just some affordable polos or whatever is "in" where he lives.

  3. You are the sweetest big sister ever! He's gonna love it! xoxo

  4. Awww, you are SO sweet!! He is going to love getting a package!

  5. my sister used to send me care packages at college. I loved it and it didnt matter what she put in it. Its the thought that counts

  6. Oooo Love what you are loving!!!

    And what an awesome big sister you are!!! My 'little' brother starts high school next month too!! Oh the memories...love-hate relationship with high school.


  7. girl sorry i am so late on responding to your email {from last week}-- time flies when you are a full time student! but thanks for the follow! & i adore your super cute blog!! and as for freckles, i love my freckles, people always hate theirs, but i think it makes you extra special {in a good way. haha} oh & p.s. i love your name!

  8. I love that hat and dress!! Great picks!!


  9. Well you for sure pass me on the best big sister award this year! Lol

    My sister is in 8th grade I can't believe she is almost in highschool! It's hard not seeing them as those cute five year olds anymore isn't it!?

    Anyway from my outside observation of the in style for guys backpacks this year... Plain seems to be in for the fellas! Jansport is still very popular I believe! I see a lot of black, red, orange, camo green, and navy as the in colors! Hope that helps a little! :)


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