Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Falling for Fall

I'm a warm weather kind of girl. I love the sunshine and am lucky to wake
up to sunshine 90% of the time (not an actual fact, I just feel like that is a good estimate). However, this summer is wearing me out and it's only August. Realistically I have another solid month of 100 degree weather. It's silly to post about fall but I am ready for it and I already have things scoped out for my favorite season. Cooler weather, fun events, hikes, running outside, picnic's, tights, BBQ's, football season (mainly for the gathering of friends), Thanksgiving, pumpkins, leaves, ahh I can't wait!

I'm really loving navy blue, dark green and gold. I love this OPI polish. It's the Texas collection and it's called "Don't mess with OPI."  I want to find a navy blazer, preferably one with gold accents or buttons. I am also on the hunt for a mustard yellow belt. Tights, tights and more tights will be the staple. Oh and some new boots - must be wedges. I also need to incorporate in some stripes and deep orange/brown colors.

Baking is another one of my favorite fall things, pumpkin bread, cornflake
peanut butter treats, banana bread, strawberry muffins, YUM. 

What are your favorite things about fall? Traditions? Baking? What are you falling for? 

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  1. I love this all!!! :D Seriously. I'll take one of each please! Fall is the best. Although I'm just barely starting to get a warm summer since winter lasted so long and I spent a month in Alaska just barely. :/

  2. It seems like everyone is starting to think about Fall! I can't wait. :)


  3. Beach cruiser bike rides for hot coffee and breakfast...oh yeah and of course hoodies!!

    Me :)

  4. So glad you found my blog- loving yours from what I've stalked (haha) through so far. As an Alabama girl, I'm SO ready for Fall and cooler weather and cute clothes and pumpkin smells and all that good stuff! It's just so damn hot here. Ugh.

  5. I like the richer colors that are out there in fall fashion, the cooler weather that allows layering, and classes starting up.

  6. Vests. I'm loving vests. And anything that rusty orange shade...and scarves. I just love the brisk air in fall and lighting candles and enjoy coffee and a book on a crisp Saturday morning!!

  7. I'm with you.... can't wait for fall! Great roundup, super cute blog!


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