Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turquoise Tuesday Outfit : My love for the 1960's

Ever since I saw this skirt on Julia at Gal meets Glam - I needed to try the long skirt for two reasons:

1. I have a long waist and an hour glass figure. Every dress or shirt is 
always TOO short on me.
2. I love that long skirts are coming back in, at least that's my vote - even if its not...I'm loving the look.
3. Oh, one more reason - this skirt TWIRLS.

I think that this skirt hits at a nice tea length. It is feminine and
  flattering. I have come to the point in my life where I want to find items that flatter MY personal figure, and not just go with some new "in" trend.
Let me tell ya if I could have lived in the 60's, I would have fit right in and loved every second of the fashion. I'm tired of super short and tight, I'm going for classic and classy.



Shoes: Steve Madden
Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Urban Outfitters (at least 6 years ago)
Ring: Nordstrom, BP

Happy Tuesday.


  1. You look beautiful my dear! I love your skirt too :)

    xo Julia

  2. Classic and Classy...Check
    Absolutely stunning... Check
    Me Lusting over that skirt and your hair... Double Check!!

    Sabrina Says

  3. you are a living breathing doll! so gorgeous. love that blue skirt, and turquoise accessories. and if i could, i'd join you in the 60's. Love that era!

  4. your are simply gorgeous. great pairing and compiling this outfit, I like that skirt is tea length too :)

  5. Those shoes are amazing! And the color of that skirt - divine. xx

  6. You are stunning in this outfit! I love all of it!

  7. love it, love it, love it! You're looking like a hot dish!

  8. What a gorgeous look! That skirt is kick arse!

  9. So pretty~ I love turquoise accessories ~divine!


  10. Crushing hard on this blue skirt from F21! May have to visit the store and pick me up one - was it recent?

    A Candid Life


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