Friday, September 2, 2011

Ode to Arizona

I'm a native Phoenician. It's somewhat rare to be born and raised in Arizona. Most people come out to AZ from the east coast, they say it's for the warmer weather. I wanted to show some appreciation for my great state, turquoise and all. Although I complain about the heat, and boy is it hot right now, at the end of the day - I love it.  I love being warm, I love waking up to sunshine and feeling it on my back, and I love the dry heat. I have a feeling that my future will lead me to colder weather, so here's to you Arizona, and the beautiful desert that you are.  

Necklace: F21
Dress (worn as shirt): American Apparel
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. I have never been to Arizona but am dying to go!! I live just a state away so our weather is similar... Just not that hot. Haha! Love your outfit!! Especially that skirt.

  2. i would trade the heat for the freezing cold any day!
    cute outfit :)
    xo dana

  3. Very beautiful necklace and the skirt is very nice!

  4. Gorgeous dress and love the turquoise necklace! I wish I was from somewhere warm and sunny all year long.



  5. I added your button to my button page and your blog to the side of my daily reads list! :)

    On a mission to find that skirt if I would ever get my butt over to Fashion Square. lol

  6. you are beautiful!!!!!!!! like really really beautiful. that first shot of you is amazing. never when to arizona, but i've heard its beautiful, i'm from washington dc, but hopefully one day i get to see it!
    i'm your newest follower!


  7. Love your outfit it's well put together with a pop of color winch I loveeeeee.

    Hope you have a great holiday.

  8. Gorgeous pictures!! I love that outfit as well :) Turquoise is one of my absolute favorites!

  9. I love that outfit... like the contrast between colors.
    I just did my first 'style' post today. Not sure if you can even call it a 'style' post as much as just what I wore type thing...ha! Felt a little strange...any tips for feeling more 'natural' while posing for what seems to be nothing. (Husband w/ camera standing awkwardly in the driveway where neighbors can see...ha)

  10. So pretty! Its like girly with an edge!

  11. You look STUNNING! Love the colours and the length of that skirt!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  12. i never thought about that, i have never heard of anyone born and raised in arizona! not that i know too many people from there.
    love the turquoise and skirt.

  13. such a fun blog ... so glad i stumbled upon it ... and yoru such a doll ... love your spunk for life!

  14. FAntastic life style.
    Love your dress, you look soo pretty.
    Following you.

  15. You look beautiful! I love your necklace.

    Dont forget to enter my $100 Nordstroms giftcard + Nars Polish giveaway!

  16. i LOVE this outfit! so lovely, and great for the fall too.x


  17. girl, you're gorgeous!!! love your taste in style and decorating!! :) thanks for being our newest follower!!!! can you do me a favor? Can you add your email to your profile so when you make a comment i can say howdy and thank you!! Thanks so much. We're followin' ya back!!



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