Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Reese's} Pieces of Fall

I have gathered a few fun fall pieces that I wanted to share! I'm thinking about having a little girls night where we can all decorate pumpkins together. A night of good conversation between girlfriends all while gettin crafty! Yes please! I bought these pumpkins with intentions to decorate them using one of the lovely ideas in a previous blog post. But I did take a moment to admire them as-is, nice and simple. I love the look of real pumpkins but they go bad. Lets be honest if I spend hours mod-podging and decorating these babies, you better believe I'll want them to stick around for years to come. Anyway, back to the point, here are a few little fall items that have made their way into my home.

{I found these old milk jugs while in San Fran then had to fill them with the most fall appropriate candy, obviously. YUMMY.}

How cute is this little fall check list?! I fell in love and needed to include it in a post. I printed one for my office as well, it's way too adorable not to share.


  1. It looks soo sweet.
    I started following you with GFC.
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  2. I love the candy as decorations... unfortunately I would be left with just glass jars within an hour of filling :)

  3. Hey girl!! What a great idea! I think I shall have a little wine & cheese and pumpkin carving girls-night-out now that you mentioned it! ;) Love it!! xo

  4. I absolutely love fall! Such a cute decorating idea :)


  5. I'm working on a Fall to do list of my own. This one is great! cute blog, keep it up :)

  6. love the decor.

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  7. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I'm an AZ girl too! :) yay us :)
    Oh yes, and we are obsessed with Fall over here. Although we take a slight detour into decorating all cheesy outside for H-ween, which will commence this weekend. Look out 9' cat! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Aint it funny we both just posted something on fall...in two totally different parts of the country! Haha! Awesome,love it. Just became a follower, and would love a return follow:)


  9. Hey Kristal! Thanks for the sweet comment about my blog and I'm so glad you're following now! Your blog is great too! I can't wait to see what new things you post!


  10. I love this! I am huge on decorating for seasons around the house, it's so fun!

    Xo Ashleigh


  11. Thank you for commenting on my blog the other day! You were the first person I didn't know to comment!
    I love the decor you have here. My husband and I have only been married a year and have no fall decor. I had no idea what route I wanted to go, but I really love what you put together. Where did you get those canisters for the candy. I love them because bugs can't get in.

  12. I love your autumn decorations. Living in Arizona as well, you don't see many leaves changing, adding a touch of autumn to your house does the trick!

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