Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A gift for two amazing people

My Mom & Dad

Happy birthday to my lovely parents!
What do you get two people who have everything? Two people who say "we don't need anything." But who are also the most amazing people ever?

I found something special that I am mailing...in a cute box...with cute paper and tiny details, with something great inside. 

Inside the box were 2 matching monogram mugs, perfect for them. A "B" and an "N." Now they can sip their coffee together with matching mugs looking all stylish. Love you Mom and Dad.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For the man in your life

I'm getting antsy for Valentine's Day. I'm a sucker for this over rated Hallmark holiday. Although we don't need to spend 6 plus dollars on cards and fancy dinners, and we should tell our special someone how much we love them no matter what day it is - I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY! Here is a early post in case you want to make this, I'm giving you some time!

With that in mind, I found the cutest DIY gift to make for your honey.
It is: 
Super cute
Super easy
Super cheap 
Oh and it's something good to have around your house and for your relationship. 
Via: Pinterest
What you need: 

How to use this:

Grab an dry erase marker
Write a reason
Wait for him to see it and love it.
If you have a keeper, he'll start writing reasons too. Enjoy.

Green Monster

I recently purchased a new smoothie maker/food processor and along with this purchase comes talk of great smoothies to make. Thanks to friends, blogs and pinterest, I have plenty of healthy new recipes to try out. 

The Green Monster

Ingredients (serves 1) 
1 frozen sliced banana
1 Tablespoon peanut butter
1/2 cup 0% Vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt
1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze (or other kind of milk)
4 cups baby spinach (or more, or less)
Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
Nutritional stats: 350 calories, 10g fiber, 21g protein

All I am going to say is I am staring at my empty glass as I write this! It was so good! Surprisingly you cannot taste the spinach but knowing that healthy leafy vegetable is in there is a plus! This is a must try!

I would also highly recommend the 

Bella Cucina 12-Piece Rocket Blender Platinum Edition

Available at Macy's.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

save it

The details of the Save the Dates:

1. The front & back

 3. The envelopes

4. The return stamp

1. I am so thrilled with how our Save the Dates turned out! There are so many ideas out there and a complete overload on ideas! But I knew I wanted something that told our little story. I searched and searched for the right design. I looked at all the different invitation companies and wasn't having any luck. Finally, I turned to Etsy to create what I wanted. I found the sweetest lady on Etsy, see her shop here. Her name is McKenzie and she is amazing. She was amazing to work with and created just what I was looking for! Thank you McKenzie!
2. I wanted an extra touch of cuteness to seal the envelopes so I found this perfect little stripy tape from: InTheClear on Etsy.

3. So I didn't want to hand write the return address or use any boring regular label so I had a custom stamp created, from filigree press.

They are stuffed, sealed, taped and stamped with love from Kristal & Bryce.

cozy up

Happy Monday!
The weather is nice and crisp but not too cold, it's perfect sweater weather! I thought I would share this new fav of mine! It's so cozy and I am loving the colors! 
This weekend was great, mom came to town for our wedding venue's open house. We got to tour around, meet the DJ's, taste cake and food and just take it all in. This was the first time I had been back since October. I fell in love all over again. It is PERFECTION. It's absolutely everything I want and I am so excited to celebrate our wedding there! Tomorrow I will be sharing our official "Save the Dates." They are adorable and were handmade by a wonderful woman on Etsy! More details to come!

Friday, January 13, 2012

6 little goodies

I wanted to share a few cute things:

 1. Love the layered accessories! via: pinterest

 2. Perhaps for my bridal shower? via: pinterest 

 3. So, I saw this in BP at Nordstrom and I kind of love it, I loved it even more when it was on sale! Living in AZ, I don't know if I will even be able to wear it again this "winter" but it's a good surprise to have for next winter. via: nordstrom

 4. Do I need to even comment, it's just cute! via: this blog

5. Can I have these for the morning after our wedding? via: pinterest

6. I know, I know a month until V-Day and I already have 2 signs up at home and in my office. I just LOVE them! Wanted to share this one to get in the spirit of the LOVELY upcoming holiday! via: her blog

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keep on loving

 Dedicated to my B
 When B and I first met and used to talk and email like crazy, we did these super cute, super cheesy "reasons why we thought each other were amazing." I thought I would write a post to B

Reason's why I think you are amazing, honey:

1. you take off my toe nail polish when I don't want to mess my finger nail polish.
2. you know how to cuddle me just right. 
3. you put up with me being cold every night and whining about it.
4. you make me yummy dinners.
5. you take care of me when I am sick, you buy 3 kinds of soup to ensure you brought home the right one. you give me head massages and kisses to make me feel better. 
6. i look at you with your neices and nephews and know how amazing of a dad you'll be.
7. you always kiss me goodnight, always.
8. you look at me like I am the most amazing person in the world, and tell me I am too. 
9. you still open my door for me.
10. you do the right thing.
11. you sing in the shower.
12. you still try to pay for everything.
13. you take me on date nights.
14. you watch the bachelorette with me.
15. you run out to my car at night when its cold and dark because I left something in it. 
16. i trust you with everything.
17. you have the biggest heart. 
18. you have faith.
19. you share every possible food item with me.
20. the reason that is on every list, your smiles makes me melt.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Asking my girls

It is time to ask the most special question to each of my favorite girls. That's right, my bridesmaids and of course...my maid of honor. This was an important task for me, choosing my very best friends to stand next to me on my wedding day. I thought to myself...and knew what I wanted. I wanted to be able to look at the amazing women standing next to me and know why each of them were there. Each girl holds a incredible place in my heart, each one has a different story, and a differnt relationshop with me. I will say this though, each one of them has taken part in making me who I am today. Each one has given me lots of laughs and smiles, support, a shoulder to cry on, an inspirational word and most of all a huge heart. 
Thank you girls, I am so very lucky to have you. 

 Now for the crafty stuff. I started with cute hangers from Michael's. They were actually a paisley print to begin with. I painted them solid white with craft paint, then spray painted them with solid gold spray paint. Once that was dry I sprayed another coat of gold glitter. To top it off, I srayed an adhesive on the final coat and then sprinkled them with pink and gold loose glitter. Each hanger was embellished with two hand-made rosettes. I packed them with tissue, tulle and lots of love. 


Just was thinking, thinking about being so blessed. I usually say "lucky" but I think blessed is really the word I am looking for. I am so incredibly thankful for my life and every single person in it. This year is off to a wonderful start. I am beyond excited for this upcoming year, welcome 2012... I love you already. 

{shirt: h&m, Sweater: F21, belt: h&m, leggings: h&m, boots: vince camuto }
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