Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A letter to myself, being a wife.

I recently looked back at my blog from when I first clicked "publish post" and everything forward. It made me so happy to reflect on all the memories made since July of last year...my blogs birthday. I liked this little journal of mine, I like to remember how I felt during certain times and what things I decided to share. 
Over the next year, I want to write letters to myself. Letters of advice, inspiration and encouragement in case I ever find myself lacking in some area of my life. I also think that the next year is going to be the most incredible year; thus far. Our wedding is 16 weeks away and I want to make sure I take it all in. 
This is what I want to tell myself:
Don't get too wrapped up in all the wedding fuss, it will be perfect. Promise yourself. Keep in mind the reason for this celebration and who it really is about and what it represents. This wedding is yours, yours and B's. 
You are sitting here thinking about what it's going to be like that moment you look in the mirror in your wedding dress, the moment you walk out and take your Dad's arm, and seeing him smile back at you. Thinking you'll always be his little girl. 
Most of all you're thinking about the moment you see him. The moment you see the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Your husband. You're hoping you don't cry. You know you will have the biggest smile and your heart will be full, full of love. The butterflies will be a flying... in circles throughout your stomach. You will be relieved when you get to him, when his hand touches yours, when you feel him, and smell him. You know you will feel at peace, you will feel complete. You've waited for this moment for forever and you are smiling as you think about it now.
You're telling yourself now to be thankful, Kristal, be thankful for every single person in your life. Show how thankful you are with your actions and words. You have the greatest friends and family and your "family to be" is amazing. You are thankful that B's family is so supportive, loving, accepting and truly happy for you. You are thankful that your parents are able to provide this celebration for the two of you, you're so thankful for your parents, and you're convinced there is no possible way they will ever know how much you love and appreciate them. 
Kristal, remember to not raise your voice when you are mad, when you are upset and worked up your volume increases without you even knowing. Remember to choose your battles and choose what you use your tears on. Save them for the happiest moments and don't bother wasting them on anything less. Speak to everyone with kindness. Respect you grandparents. Be thankful that you have all four of them here still, remember that they might not always see things like you do and remember things are different than they were for them.
 Take care of B throughout this process, make sure his voice (the very loud voice that is) is heard and if he has ideas or suggestions, listen and use them. Comfort him and practice being a good wife, improve your cooking skills, and develop your domestic possibilities. 
Take time for yourself and get lots of sleep so you wake rested and happy. Stay organized, that's how you operate best. 
After all is said and done with the wedding, enjoy having a husband and being a wife.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Wrist Decor

I've been wanting to build up my bracelet collection, and although they get in the way of my typing skills all day, I love the layered sizes and colors. These sparkly additions were found at F21 and were under $15 for all of them! Not including the watch or the newest addition to my left ring finger from none other than my dreamy fiance of course. 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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