Friday, August 31, 2012

Instagram Import!

Instagram Import!
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1. Trying out my new lipstick. I LOVE Nars "Heatwave" and found this stunning color it's Sephora, "It Girl."
2. Such a cute little banner, I was inspired to make something like this for above our bed, maybe using wood letters?
3. This week B and I had our 3 month anniversay. Paddle boats!
4. "It girl!"
5. First BYU game of the season, it's my B's favorite day! He was in Utah at the game and it's tradition for me to wear a BYU shirt on game day, for good luck!
6. Z Gallerie, this store is just so pretty. I like just being there becuase everywhere I look is just beautiful. The teal inspired me and I got some cute accents for the living room.
7. A beautiful picture of Laguna Beach that my friend sent me, I'm on my way there today for a little girl friends weekend! Can't wait to see that view myself. 
Happy Weekend everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

So... to all of you married people out there, you'll know all about this topic. The big question that is inevitable after you get married. "When are you going to have kids?" Now, I must say I am completely guilty of this myself. Asking newlyweds what their next step is, not to pry but just because I'm excited for them and I guess I'm curious.
As I am asked that question, it gets me thinking about my answer. Usually I answer with a big smile, and say something like "Well, pretty soon." I don't even really know what that means. I have so many different thoughts on this, but I will say that the number one thing that comes to mind is I CAN'T WAIT. I am so excited to be a mom and have a family... to meet our kids and create the family we have always imagined. After that initial thought, I start to think about how much work it will be (obviously) and think about weather or not B and I should wait a little longer and just enjoy being us, enjoy being married. On the other hand, B and I are not 21 with years to just go do and be whatever we want. We have already had that time, time with friends and time together, time to travel and see new places, most of all time to be selfish. We've had that time. So I think I'm just going to leave this topic with a quote from my Dad, "you'll never be ready-ready." You'll always think you need to be more established or you'll think you should have certain things or be in certain places.
Oh so true, Dad. 
But, I do have a comforting feeling about this, I'm not worried and I'm not anxious. I'm confident that when we know it's time, we'll know. I'm confident that things will happen as they are supposed to and even if we aren't in x,y,z place with x,y,z things, we'll have each other and we'll be happy and we'll know it's right. 
I really just can't wait for the future, and to see what it will bring. I am so excited to have a family with B one day. It will be our family and the glimpse I have in my head - looks real nice. 

Sunday morning we were waking up and B rolled over and cuddled me real tight and said "Good morning beautiful." He made a sigh kinda like MMMMMMMH. "I love being married to you, you're my best friend," he said. We laid there and talked and just enjoyed our morning. That's what it's all about and I couldn't ask for more. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

6 things

Just a simple little post of a few things that I've been eyeing. I've been eyeing that Zara bag for a year I think, geez maybe it's time to give in and get it already.

From top, left to right:
Nixon 'The Monopoly' watch
Essie polish in Skirting the issue
Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace
Kate Spade iphone case
Zara Plaited Shopper
Kate Spade Bangle

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Cabin Trip

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I was lucky enough to take a little family trip up to Southern Utah for a couple days. It was quaint, quiet and just what we all wanted. It's nice to take a time out, take time with your family and look at your phone and see "NO SERVICE." It was a breath of fresh air - literally. 
Our first stop was a place my Dad insisted we try. WINGERS, it's a Utah thing and my Dad was bound to try the supposedly amazing wings he had been hearing about. I have to admit it was pretty good. I loved the popcorn on the table to snack on as well as the variety of sauces. 
Raindrops hit the windshield hard as we drive up the the huge mountain on Friday afternoon. We no longer needed AC and the windows got very cold. Dad announced that it was 49 degrees. YEP, in mid August, that's when I knew we weren't in Arizona anymore. 
We arrived to the cabin later that evening and all I can say is charming. A true cabin in the woods. This place was not modern, fancy, high-tech or foofy by any means. It was the real deal, an A frame wood cabin, green shag carpet in the loft, a wrap around porch, and a wood-burning fireplace. We had visits from deer and squirrels each morning and enjoyed every second of our family time. Saturday we woke up to a yummy breakfast and coffee on the porch. We filled the day with a bike ride, a hike, a visit into town (where we stocked up on more snacks and a movie), and lastly a walk around a beautiful lake. Family trips like this are rare. I feel very blessed to have parents that want to do stuff together with their kids. Now that I am all grown up and will be starting a family of my own, my family values will be passed on. These are the important little things that we all need to take time to do. This weekend was the true definition of QUALITY TIME. 
A weekend well spent. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Personal Style and Orange Flip

I mentioned that I have a recent thing for Maxi's skirts, hence this outfit! They are SUPER comfy yet still very put together. 

Last night B and I contemplated what we were doing for dinner for about an hour. I hate being indecisive but I was guilty of it last night. We are still learning and I keep trying to do one grocery store trip and plan out for the week, allowing a couple nights out. We have been doing good and trying new things. Oh and we have been highly influenced by CHOPPED (if you haven't watched this, you should). Anyway we definitely had to make a trip back to the store last night. Imagine that. 

The two positive things that came of this are:
1. I found these really cute printable's that give you a weekly schedule of meals and then a column to write out your grocery list, as you need and remember things you just start your grocery list as well. I put this little printable in a cute frame in the kitchen and we can just wipe it away weekly with a dry erase marker. I'll post about this tomorrow and share it will all of you!
2. B and I made an awesome dinner. Chicken parmesan, yes, from scratch. B even pounded out the chicken super thin (which I love). It turned out great, it was a little heavy and I couldn't eat it very often but the point is, we made an awesome dinner together. Teamwork with my B, just living the married life! 

[Top H&M, Skirt F21, Necklace Francesca's, Sunglasses Gucci, Lips  Revlon, Orange Flip)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bridal Shower Gift!

It's all about the packaging, at least that's my motto. 
This is a little gift I am about to send to UT for my friend Andrea's bridal shower. I am SUPER bummed that I won't be there, so I have even more reason to send a really cute gift!

I love paper pinwheels, as you can see I got a little crazy with them! I had some leftover chip board letters from the wedding and since her new last name begins with a "K" it fit perfectly!

Inside the box are some goodies off her registry, kitchen towels and tools but the cute little book of coupons is what I was really excited about! How perfect are these?! Redeemable for all the important things in a marriage. My favorite was CUDDLE SESSION. That's my favorite thing ever. 
It's going to the post office today, I hope she loves it. 

[Coupon book, Francesca's]

Happy Shower Day, Andrea!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Just a few little snapshots of life lately. 
From top, left to right: 
1/2. Visiting baby Presley, she is the most adorable baby and she is the happiest little thing! I am obsessed! Her mom is Cari, one of my best friends from High School. It is a pretty incredible thing to see a friend you have know since you were 16 have a beautiful baby. Cari is an amazing mom and Presley literally is her bundle of joy. 
3/4. Typical morning work day for me, driving to work and making sure I have a diet coke for later in the day! My treat. 
5. Paper pinwheel fans that I love making for gift decor. All you have to do is find cute paper, cut and hot glue. They are adorable and always a hit.
6. Bracelets that one of my good friends made me back in November, just a little shout out to her. When I wore them, I also requested her to make a few more for next time I see her. She's on it, thank you Jay!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Engagement Photo Shoot

As you know, I am already married BUT I am going back and still sharing all of our wedding details. Choosing a photographer is not the easiest task, I actually found ours pretty quick. To be honest, I didn't even shop around. As I was searching for the perfect wedding venue, I came across Jasmine's blog which included her portfolio. DONE. After I saw that, I knew she was "the one." Her work is beautiful and she is the sweetest little thing. When I say little, I mean litterally little. :) When I met her I was shocked becuase you nebver really know a person's size, even from pictures. I am 5'9'' and she is maybe 5 feet. She may be tiny but she is amazing. 

Not only do I want to share our pictures, but I wanted to give a few tips and point out things that helped me to prepare for the photo shoot. 

1. Research, research, research. Look through wedding blogs, pinterest and even other photographers' blogs to get ideas. This will help you choose what setting and style you are going for. The worst is when you find an idea after the fact and then it's too late to incorporate. 
2. Choose the location and set a date. 
3. Plan your makeup trial for the morning of the engagement photos. Most makeup artists allow 1-2 trials, so using one trial for the engagements just makes sense. I loved my makeup and LOVED that I didn't have to do it myself! (I didn't schedule my hair trial becuase I wanted my wedding hair to only be revealed the day-of.)
3. Communicate with your photographer about:
- Time of day and lighting.
- How long they plan to shoot for.
- How many outfits to bring.
- Turnaround time. This might be a factor. For us we wanted a few of the pictures right away to use for our invitaitons. Most will work with you, just give them a heads up. 
- Props (talk about the location to make sure all the props you have in mind can be carried there.)
4. Make a little collage of pictures/poses you like. People have such different styles so it helps to give photographers an idea of your style, some people like funky and unigue angles whiles others might want more traditional poses. Bring the collage to the photo shoot OR email it ahead of time for the photographer to review. 
5. Back to props, my only advice here is to bring stuff that represents your style or things that are sentimental to you and your other half. I have seen some engagements that are just too much. I love the picnic look but sometimes it's just not realistic and too staged. Keep it real.

Last but not least, be yourself. We were lucky becasue our photographer had us so comfortable within minutes. She was coming up with funny things that B was doing and making us laugh. We had never met her prior but I felt like I had known her forever. She gave us instructions on little things here and there and set up poses but after that she just captured us being, well us. 

Thank you Jasmine Amber, our pictures are everything I imagined.

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