Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Engagement Photo Shoot

As you know, I am already married BUT I am going back and still sharing all of our wedding details. Choosing a photographer is not the easiest task, I actually found ours pretty quick. To be honest, I didn't even shop around. As I was searching for the perfect wedding venue, I came across Jasmine's blog which included her portfolio. DONE. After I saw that, I knew she was "the one." Her work is beautiful and she is the sweetest little thing. When I say little, I mean litterally little. :) When I met her I was shocked becuase you nebver really know a person's size, even from pictures. I am 5'9'' and she is maybe 5 feet. She may be tiny but she is amazing. 

Not only do I want to share our pictures, but I wanted to give a few tips and point out things that helped me to prepare for the photo shoot. 

1. Research, research, research. Look through wedding blogs, pinterest and even other photographers' blogs to get ideas. This will help you choose what setting and style you are going for. The worst is when you find an idea after the fact and then it's too late to incorporate. 
2. Choose the location and set a date. 
3. Plan your makeup trial for the morning of the engagement photos. Most makeup artists allow 1-2 trials, so using one trial for the engagements just makes sense. I loved my makeup and LOVED that I didn't have to do it myself! (I didn't schedule my hair trial becuase I wanted my wedding hair to only be revealed the day-of.)
3. Communicate with your photographer about:
- Time of day and lighting.
- How long they plan to shoot for.
- How many outfits to bring.
- Turnaround time. This might be a factor. For us we wanted a few of the pictures right away to use for our invitaitons. Most will work with you, just give them a heads up. 
- Props (talk about the location to make sure all the props you have in mind can be carried there.)
4. Make a little collage of pictures/poses you like. People have such different styles so it helps to give photographers an idea of your style, some people like funky and unigue angles whiles others might want more traditional poses. Bring the collage to the photo shoot OR email it ahead of time for the photographer to review. 
5. Back to props, my only advice here is to bring stuff that represents your style or things that are sentimental to you and your other half. I have seen some engagements that are just too much. I love the picnic look but sometimes it's just not realistic and too staged. Keep it real.

Last but not least, be yourself. We were lucky becasue our photographer had us so comfortable within minutes. She was coming up with funny things that B was doing and making us laugh. We had never met her prior but I felt like I had known her forever. She gave us instructions on little things here and there and set up poses but after that she just captured us being, well us. 

Thank you Jasmine Amber, our pictures are everything I imagined.


  1. your photographer did an amazing job. And very good points, I always work with my clients much before hand to make sure ll details are sorted out!


  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! You look so pretty and your photographer did an amazing job!!

  3. These are amazing, she did an awesome job! You guys look gorgeous!

  4. These pictures are STUNNING!

  5. Your photos are amazing, so beautiful!

  6. Your photos are SO beautiful! You guys make a STUNNING couple! I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog--it made me smile! :)
    Obviously Obsessed 

  7. love that skirt!!you look great
    kisses from Milan

  8. WOW! These photos are GORGEOUS!!! I love your outfits that you chose as well.

  9. Just found your blog and these pictures are absolutely stunning! What a good looking couple :) I appreciate all the tips, I will definitely have to refer back to this if/when I get engaged! Now following you!


    Rachel Coletta

  10. great tips!


  11. your engagement pictures are gorgeous!

  12. Невероятно красивые фотографии=)


  13. Such beautiful photos! Engagements are so fun! I almost like our engagement photos better than our wedding photos, though I love both!

  14. Your photos are gorgeous! Jasmine does such an amazing job! So many of my friends have used her as well and they always turn out awesome!

  15. These pictures are so gorgeous... YOU guys are gorgeous.

  16. They came out great! Y'all make such a cute couple.


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