Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Personal Style and Orange Flip

I mentioned that I have a recent thing for Maxi's skirts, hence this outfit! They are SUPER comfy yet still very put together. 

Last night B and I contemplated what we were doing for dinner for about an hour. I hate being indecisive but I was guilty of it last night. We are still learning and I keep trying to do one grocery store trip and plan out for the week, allowing a couple nights out. We have been doing good and trying new things. Oh and we have been highly influenced by CHOPPED (if you haven't watched this, you should). Anyway we definitely had to make a trip back to the store last night. Imagine that. 

The two positive things that came of this are:
1. I found these really cute printable's that give you a weekly schedule of meals and then a column to write out your grocery list, as you need and remember things you just start your grocery list as well. I put this little printable in a cute frame in the kitchen and we can just wipe it away weekly with a dry erase marker. I'll post about this tomorrow and share it will all of you!
2. B and I made an awesome dinner. Chicken parmesan, yes, from scratch. B even pounded out the chicken super thin (which I love). It turned out great, it was a little heavy and I couldn't eat it very often but the point is, we made an awesome dinner together. Teamwork with my B, just living the married life! 

[Top H&M, Skirt F21, Necklace Francesca's, Sunglasses Gucci, Lips  Revlon, Orange Flip)


  1. i love cooking with my hubby too, so much fun and great bonding time ...love that maxi skirt a lot as well!

  2. loving that shirt with your necklace!


  3. I am a new follower and fellow lover of maxi skirts! Love this entire look!

  4. Great skirt! Omgosh story of my life with the multiple trips to the grocery store! Let us know how your printout works, I would love to give it a shot :)

  5. Love the outfit very cute!! I think I look hilarious in maxi dresses and maxi skirts, but love them on everyone else.

  6. I love maxi dresses as well! It looks so good on you.
    I have to say I am so looking forward to your next post with the list to help you grocery shopping. I'm so bad at that I have to stop almost every other night.

  7. i LOVE that skirt!! :)

    so cute.



  8. love your look! absolutely presh

  9. Your comment on my blog made me smile! Happy to be a new follower of your blog too :)

    We seriously LOVE Chopped. I mean...we watch it at least once a day haha!

  10. you look amazing!!
    kisses from Milan

  11. You are just gorg! sorry to leave a novel, but you don't have an e-mail linked up with you google account, so I can't just email you back :)

    Hey Kristal!

    So, because I have shopped their so much, I have realy developed a knack for the type of material something is made out of and its shape etc, and how it will look on my body, that I am able to do it online.

    It would be a bit hard for me to tell you exactly what would be good for you specifically. BUT here are some things I can tell you. I almost never get dresses at F21! They are always too short, they do provide sizing which is really helpful. Have a ruler with you when you are not sure about something. ALSO theys ometimes provide an awsome link that tells you the measurements of the model and what size she is wearing. That is a huge indicator for you to compare off of. You can see how it fits her. She is tiny is the medium tight on her? then you might want a large, that kind of stuff!

    Other then that, I am just so used to the brand, I usually get something that fits just right! If not, they are super easy with returns!

    Thanks for reading! It makes my day :)

  12. Man that’s a clever idea.. ok im so stealing your meal planning idea!! I loves it when the hubs and I work as a team.. I love asking “so what are we making for dinner” aka please say you’ll grill and ill take care of the sides lol. And Hello! In love with that skirt!! Something about maxis they just always work!

  13. Loooove your maxi skirt. Let's see pictures of your home made dinner!

  14. i've been wearing maxi's all summer long!! they're just so comfy!!
    i'm totally loving yours! so cute!

  15. Are all these cute finds (your shirt necklace and skirt) old or new? it's perfect for my teacher wardrobe! Dressy but not too dressy! I just love maxis!


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