Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A girls trip to Laguna

Girls trips are always so nice! Me and two of my very best girlfriends went to Laguna Beach this past weekend, no we didn't see any of the cast members from Laguna Beach or the Hills but you better believe we asked around! Ha! We loved that show and I'm not ashamed to say I watched every episode and love them.
B and I both planned trips this past weekend and B did ask me if I thought it was OK to already be doing trips apart seeing that we have only been married for 3 months. My response, of course its OK honey and the fact that you even asked is why I love you. I love love love spending time with him, from the moment I wake up and see him to the moment we kiss goodnight and every single one in between. We get to do everything together and we get to do it for the rest of our lives.
I think girls trips are so important, special girl time to talk about celebrity gossip, anything related to nails, hair, body, makeup - you name it! We love recommending products to each other, talking about clothes and shoes and life and love - it's just fun and we never run out of things to say.
People are in our lives for a reason and they all provide different things, these girl are my bests and here is a peek at our weekend trip! 

1. Beach time - Laguna!
2. Just a quick photo opp in the telephone booth!
3. Group pic on the beach.
4. Lifeguard tower!
5. Beach accessories, cute but nothing too fancy for the sand. This is the bracelet that Jay made me, is it not so cute!? Who would have thought that girls would like nuts (the kind that go on bolts you know, the hardware!? Get your mind out of the gutter as B would say!)
6. Obviously - Laguna street sign
7. Cute little saltwater taffy stop!
8. Smashball.
9. Smashball in action!
10. Cheese!
11. Innie's (our nicknames for us three, please don't even ask, lol).
12. Sunset, oh so beautiful.
13. Ice cream along the beach
14. Fun night out.
15. Goodbye to the pretty beach, until next year!

I must say it's nice to know I have B to come home to. 


  1. i love laguna! looks like you girls had a blast!

    xxClassic & Bubbly

  2. Looks like so much fun! As many times I've been to L.A. (originally from Long Beach) I have never been to Laguna Beach. Mostly when I'm there I'm seeing family, but it looks like a fun place! Might have to check it out next time I'm out that way! I was sold on the picture of the lighthouse (at least I think it was a lighthouse).


  3. Ok, LOVE you because you loved the hills and laguna beach! i own every season of both shows and still watch them. and i too hope to see people from the cast every time that i go to laguna. these pictures are so fun. and your eyelashes are amazing, do you have eyelash extensions??

  4. I love visiting Laguna Beach, so pretty and picturesque! I went to that same ice cream shop when I was there. Looks like you had lots of fun!


  5. I love laguna beach, looks like you had a fantastic time. Time in the sun with girl friends is always time well spent.

    xx Jenee C.

  6. The taffy looks enticing! and I love the picture in the red phone booth!

  7. how cute, you guys look like youre having a blast! hope it was fun!

  8. man... I gotta live in a state that has a beach! p.s. I love salt water taffy ... yum!!

  9. Looks like an incredible trip! And so happy to hear that you and your hubs have planned separate friends trips already - it is so important for you both and your marriage!

    We have a trip booked in November with the girls, and I cannot wait!

  10. What a great trip! You girls look amazing!
    We'd love you to visit our blog! And if you like it please feel free to follow us!
    xoxo. A

  11. What great photos! I love Laguna Beach ... I actually went to that candy shop and bought salt water taffy before!

    Just found your blog - love it!


  12. I looove Laguna. You're so lucky you were able to go!! It looks like you had a lot of fun :) I'm happy for you!!

  13. Just wanted to pop in today and send you birthday wishes!!
    Enjoy your day, beautiful girl!


  14. Everytime I hear that Hilary Duff song, I think of Laguna Beach. Can you believe it's been 8 years since that show started?? SO crazy!!

    Glad you had a good trip pretty lady!


    life and love with mr wonderful

  15. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Great photos of your trip! Laguna is one of my favorite beaches. Fun fact: Laguna Surf and Sport Shop is the one where Stephen worked on the show. Did you have a chance to visit it? Hope you had an amazing time! You girls look lovely!

    -Annie <3

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