Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we went up to Utah for our friend's wedding. The groom is one of B's very best friends (like, the kind of friend you have known since you were born, they are inseparable and like brothers). I met the bride when they first started dating, and at the time, B and I had just started dating as well. She and I instantly became friends, we just get each other and have been confiding in each other for a few years. To be honest, there were times that I had worries and needed relationship advice or specifics with the big religion topic and she was my go-to person, she understood. In return, I understood. So to say B and I were excited for this wedding was an understatement. Two really amazing friends getting married is the best scenario, we are so happy for them, truly. It's amazing to stand up there and witness something you truly believe in, something you have seen grown into a great love. Here are some moments from the weekend! 
Arrival, Wednesday night: 
B and I headed straight for the airport after work and arrived in Utah around 8:45. We were greeted by my father in law who insisted on taking us for a late night dinner stop. Jimmy John's it was. We got to visit with B's parents for a while then headed to the basement for a little bit of TV until we were sound asleep. 
Both of us had to work and Bryce's mom was having a little backyard garden party so I helped with set up and prep for the adorable backyard gathering. Bite sized breakfast snacks arranged on a adorable table for the ladies. Next, B and I went hiking on a trail right near the house. It was beautiful! We promised each other to go for a hike or run while on vacation, mainly because we have missed the outdoor activities so much lately! 100 degree weather is torturing us! Anyway, B took me on this hike and as we went, he filled me in on all the memories he had of this hike. Apparently in scouts they would do these hikes and name different rocks and creeks, it was so cute to hear all his memories from his childhood. It's pretty cool to think he is now sharing all this with his wife. 

After the hike we ran some errands and got ready for the rehearsal dinner. It was at a very cute place on a hill overlooking the valley. We had a beautiful private room with good conversation, close friends and a celebration of love. 

Girls Day! 
The bridesmaids headed out for a brunch and pedi day. The brunch spot was just adorable, a cute little garden restaurant with farm to table fresh food. We sat on the patio and had a reallybreakfast and were given our fabulous bridesmaids gifts. She spoiled us! I mean, literally such cute gifts. 

After brunch we headed over to get pedicure's, this of course was much enjoyed. Next we went to the groom's parents house (wedding location) to get decorating. The backyard was gorgeous and oh so adorable! This house is so charming, literally something out of Pleasantville! 
We started decorating, hanging, nailing and getting creative! It was so fun to see the backyard turn into this gorgeous wedding spot. Chandeliers in the trees, ruffled organza ribbon, benches for the guest seating and lots of locks and keys (their theme, with an adorable story behind it). 
Later that night we did the actual rehearsal run thru and then stuffed favors and ate pizza. The boys even helped with all the craftiness. 


I didn't include too many pictures of the bride as I'll wait for her to share those. I think the photographer got some really great shots and the weather was gorgeous so I can't imagine a better setting.
The perfect family day with dinner outside while the kids ran and laughed and played. It's so refreshing to visit here and spend the weekend. I can't wait for the time that we can move up there. It's just a really beautiful life. 

Oh and just something I liked looking at, my NEW NAME on my baggage.


  1. looks like so much fun, and recently we've been having the best weather.


  2. Love your blog! New follower! Follow me back via GFC?

  3. You looked gorgeous as always and those bridesmaids gifts were fab - she definitely did good

  4. You are beautiful! love the bridesmaids gift too!

  5. Is that a little dollhouse?So cute!

    Looks like you guys had a splendid time and I love the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. You looked fab!

  6. Those bridesmaids gifts are awesome!! You looked beautiful at the wedding!

  7. Good Lord you are beautiful!

    xoxo andrea

  8. You are so gorgeous! I have the same MRS necklace too! Love your blog :)

  9. She did such an awesome job on her bridesmaids gifts! I've never seen such an awesome gift.

    LOVE your hair for the wedding!

  10. This is a lovely post :) The gifts are awesome!!
    Utah seems to be a beautiful place, I wanna go someday.
    Ladies, you looked stunning and, can I please have a piece of that cake??


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