Friday, October 26, 2012

Little bits of Joy.

I was browsing some blogs earlier this week and I came across one that was a simple post of the little things. The little things that make such a big difference. 

Little things that bring me joy:

Great conversation with one of my sister in law. I don't ever want to take this for granted. I am so happy that I get along with B's family and that his sister's are so wonderful.
Finally opening up our windows at night. It's getting into the high 60's at night now and it is beautiful. The perfect amount of cold to snuggle with our big fluffy comforter.
Getting back to running. I stopped for so long and switched to other types of exercise. Getting back to running takes time. I'm motivated and I feel myself enjoying it and pushing though, making progress. Thank you to my running buddy, Sarah.
 This may be totally lame but the thought and sheer excitement of having kids. NO, I'm not pregnant but the thought of that in the future is so exciting. Knowing that B and I and our families get to experience that bring me joy.
My grandpa passed away about a month ago and at his memorial, a beautiful card was read. One part said to remember me and know I am here when you see butterflies, lately I have see lots and lots of them. That thought brings be joy. 
B and I have been married 5 months today. 
Grace. I love the word and the meaning. For some reason it sits well with me. In any situation I try to use this word. I try to respond, act and live with grace. 
A sweet email from my mother in law asking if I had any family traditions for Thanksgiving that I wanted to bring to my hubby's family. She and I have been emailing about thanksgiving and decorations and cute ideas etc. So sweet of her to ask if there is anything I want to bring into their family. 

I am very lucky and I wanted to take a second to appreciate it. It's funny, when I sat here thinking of all the little things that being me joy, these little things actually mean the most...above all else.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The W. Bachelorette Party!

Today I am sharing some pictures from one of the best weekends, my Bachelorete weekend!
First, I must just say - looking back at these pictures make me realize how lucky I am to have such good friends! Thank you so much girls!
The girls planned the weekend for the end of April, just about a month before the big day. The weather was so beautiful here! Thursday my sister in law came to town and we did a little dinner with my best friend and then some preparation shopping for the weekend.
 A big Costco trip was in store for us to get ready for the weekend ahead. 

Friday we all met at the house around noon to layout and enjoy the pool! We had a great girls night, making salad and pizza then went to see The Five Year Engagement. Perfect fit for the weeeknd. 

The next morning we had bagels, mimosa's and an amazing veggie quiche! Thank you Mer for making all these yummy goodies! We got ready for another pool day and literally had a choice of like 18 sunscreens and tanning oils. We had a good friend who does nails come over. She did gel manicures for all us girls and the best part... it was poolside! Thank you Candice! 

We enjoyed the pool, girl talk, yummy drinks and great conversation. Later in the afternoon a passion party was arranged. So much fun! All of us ladies got to shop and have a silly afternoon. The girls also did a gift game where I had to guess who each piece of lingerie was from. I was absolutely TERRIBLE! I mean bad! I had a reason for why I thought each person got me the item but for some reason I was way off! Plus my girl friends are kind of alike so we must all have the same taste! It was so fun and I was super surprised when I got some exciting passion party gifts to take on the honeymoon! WOO HOO!

That night we did dinner at an adorable restaurant and wine bar in Chandler called The Living Room. I would recommend this place to anyone. It's a sister restaurant to 5th and Wine in Scottsdale. The menu items, food quality as well as the atmosphere are all so great!

After we left dinner, it was a fun-filled night out!

Sunday morning was the goodbyes to my out of state girls friends and a wrap up of the weekend. We finished the festivities at The Farm at South Mountain. If you are a follower of the Bachelor, you'll remember this place from Ben's season where Courtney took him on her home town date! Love this place! It has a few farm to table restaurants, gift shop and a beautiful property where you can sit outside and enjoy your meal. We ordered and they pack up your order in a traditional picnic basket and you can take it anywhere on the property to enjoy. Great place for a date too!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A PEEK at my makeup bag!

I thought it would be fun to do a little post about my daily makeup items. So much for natural beauty, and the I don't wear makeup look. I will tell you now, I am not one of those girls who say they wear minimal makeup, I wear it and I LOVE it!

I wanted to share the everyday items I use to get ready. One day I will take the real pics of my makeup bag, and drawers and ALL the goodies. But for now, here are the items I use in my daily routine.

I love new recommendations so if there is something that you can't live without...
share please, and thank you!

1. Estee Lauder, Double Wear Foundation.
2. MAC, Studio Fix Powder.
3. MAC Pigment in Tan (it's more blushy rose than it looks in this picture).
4. Benefit, Bella Bamba blush.
5. Urban Decay bronzer.
6. Covergirl, Perfect blend eyeliner.
7. MAC, eye shadow in Nylon.
8. Benefit, Brow Zings.
9. MAC, Blending brush (for eye shadow).
10. L'Oreal Voluminous mascara.
11. Bare Essentials brush (for powder).
12. Bare Essentials brush (for blush).
13. MAC, eye shadow in Haux. 
14. Nars, Lip gloss in Chihuahua.
15. Shu Uemura, eye lash curler.

Friday, October 19, 2012

All I could ask for.

This is what it's all about. A typical morning, but perfection.

I wake up in the morning and look over to see him sound to sleep, so content. I scooch over close to him and cuddle him tight. I love resting my head on his shoulder, nice and close. I feel so safe here and oh so loved. I lay here and soak it up, our time for just a few more minutes. 

Then I pry myself out of bed and head to the shower. I have my morning routine and lucky for B, he gets to sleep a little longer. I'm jealous but I still try to be as quite as possible. 

One of my favorite parts is when I come back to say goodbye. B usually has a pillow over his head from my loudness. I lift it up and say "bye baby." Every morning, and every morning he always smiles, open or closed eyes, he smiles. This particular morning he smiled and pulled me in close and held me just a little longer. Tightly in his arms, he said, "just stay home with me today, lets just cuddle all day."
I enjoyed a couple more seconds and then headed off to start my day. 

This may seem like a boring post but to me I am so thankful, so blessed to have this amazing person to wake up to and spend my days with. I cherish these little moments because I know there will be a day that this will not happen as often. There will be little people filling our lives with love and taking away (or joining) our cuddly mornings. (Can't wait!)

(Had to include another with the full effect of pink and B somehow taking over my blanket. I'm sure he doesn't care what color it is, this thing is amazingly soft.)

I love him with all my heart.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Happy Monday!

Today I did a little post over at Pink Coffee Photo, wearing the animal print 3 ways! Come visit!

Friday, October 12, 2012

6 bits of Instagram.

bits of Instagam. kristalmarlor.

Guest post on CLASSIC&bubbly.

Target, I love you. (They have been getting super cute things lately!)
 Love this polka dot shirt I found.


Packaging. is. everything. Big ugly brown box on the outside, and this on the inside.
And inside of this, my new favorite bag. (See it above with my pink dress.)

It's almost time to end iced coffee. My favorite, and this one was PUMPKIN.

Love the words and the font. BEAUTIFUL.
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