Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The W. Invitations.

Hi everyone! Today I am so excited to share our wedding invitaions with you!  Below are the actual invitations we used and all the pieces. I absolutely LOVED designing these with Amanda from papercutcouture on etsy. This may seem obvious but I wanted to give a few little tips, just things that helped me get these designed and stay organized. In my real life at my real job I work in advertising design so I work with our design team to create advertisements for clients so this actually helped me
A LOT when it came to designing/proofing my invitations. 

Addresses. First things first. Get address. Call your parents, text your friends, send out a facebook message etc. Start collecting them and start a spreadsheet. Save this in a couple places. Trust me. I had a friend who lost everything on her computer just a couple weeks before the wedding. No bueno.

Budget. Figure out your budget for invitations. How imporant is this to you? For me, I love this stuff, I eat it up and live for the tiny details. I didn't mind setting aside extra money for the invitations as I wanted people to open these and really see a reflection of us and the wedding to come. For others, this might be so petty and no big deal, I mean it's just paper that people will eventually toss after possibly hangining on the fridge for a few months. ;)

(If you dont care too much about invitations, scroll past all this and you can just see mine and be on your way, but if you are interested in custom invitations, keep reading.)

Timeline. Layout your timeline. When do your save the dates need to be mailed and when do your invites need to be mailed? Get a calender and make these deadlines. Also, make sure you have the RSVP date decided. This helps keep everything in order so you can just work backwards. 

Engagement photos. Do you need these photos for your save the dates or for your invitaions? If so make sure your photographer can get you all the photos or at least a few so you have pictures to use for the invitations. For ours, our save the date design didnt include an image. I loved our design and it helped me from stressing over our engagement pictures needing to be rushed. Choosing the photo can be tough too, I love candid photos - the ones where  you can just see the love of two people looking at each other. B and I figured it was best to choose an image where we were both looking at the camera for the actual invitation, nothing fancy or artsy.

Research. Look on wedding blogs, look on etsy and of course look on pinterest. Before making any decisions with invitations, choose your color scheme. I started collecting images of fonts and designs and colors etc. Once I had narrowed down the design I liked, I started searching for people with business on etsy (mainly becuase I wanted something unique.) I do however REALLY love weddingpaperdivas, I ordered our thank yous from them.

Start the communication. Ok so once you have found a design you like or style, start a line of communication with the company or person whoever it may be. Give them all the info, how many invitations, how many pieces inside, how big, and any custom printing details. They will then give you a quote. Oh and just leave some wiggle room, ALWAYS order extra. Once you have all this settled and you have your price quote, most companies will let you make revisions a couple times, some limit you so find out all this info. Typically you'll pay 1/2 up front. Then next step is to layout all your ideas, send the designer all your little ideas (ok not all but a few to give them a feel for your style) and provide them with the names, dates, locations, directions etc. 

Addressing the envelopes. Another thing to consider is the inner and outer envelopes. Proper wedding edique is to hand write the address or have them printed. I absolutely agree with this but I didn't really want a calligrapher so I had our designer print each one individually. This can get pricey but I just loved the way it looked. She combined a couple fonts and it matched in inside invites perfectly. 

Weight. As soon as your invitations arrive and  you have them all situated the way they will be mailed, go get them weighed. The RSVP cards should need standard postage but your actual invitaion will most likely be heavier with the cardstock and peices etc. Buy the appropriate extra postage and of course look for new wedding stamps, there are always new cute ones. Oh and be prepared to drive to different post offices to get them! OR if you are super creative and have the time, you can always get custom stamps with photos or wedding date etc. I just ran out of time for this! 

Check them twice. Once all of your envelopes are addressed - check them twice. Make sure everyone is accounted for and everyone's address is correct. You don't want anyone left out. Once everything is good and accounted for, the fun part...STUFFING!

Stuffing. I layed out all the peices in a mini assembly line and gathered a few close friends to help us out. Some invites had an additional reception card in Utah that they were invited to so we had to be very careful and very organized to make sure everyone got the right pieces. We tied the twine and stuffed the envelopes, stuck the stamp and sealed it with love.

And then....
you wait until all the sweet RSVP's come back. That's the real fun part!

Here was one of our options for the front photo: (It didn't make the cut because you can't see our faces as well.)

We also played around with a darker color. It didn't make the cut either.

Hopefully a few of these tips help you in your wedding planning process!


  1. Great tips! I love the picture and invitations you chose! So creative with the envelope addresses as well!

  2. Great tips, I'm recently engaged and starting to think about things like these! great info!!


  3. LOVE them!!
    So gorgeous Kristal!


  4. If I didn't have my wedding 6 months ago I would have totally "borrowed" some of your ideas. I just love everything I have seen so far!

  5. Omg I LOVE these!


  6. well aren't those just adorable and sometime I've never seen before which I love!

  7. Ok these are GORGEOUS!!!! When I get married again (to the same guy, of course!) you're totally planning it. Just sayin'... (I have LOVED everything about your wedding so far!!)

  8. Oh my gosh...your invites were SO pretty!! One of the best I've ever seen as a wedding planner.

    The font AND the picture totally made the invite.

  9. LOVE these! Great tips! We havent chosen our invitations yet either so I will have to check out this Etsy store... they are very unique! Super cute! :)


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