Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tikka Masala.

Last night I made a really great SUPER easy dinner. I love fresh & easy when it comes to certain things...premade, presliced, prediced etc. I like how quick and easy (ha!) the meals are there. A friend of mine recomended these SIMMER SAUCES. B really likes Indian food and since we haven't made it in quite a while - it sounded perfect. 


Tikka Masala Sauce 
Diced Chicken Breasts 
White Rice 
Garlic Naan 

Easiest meal you'll ever make. 
Follow instructions for steamed white rice.
Warm oil, brown diced chicken breasts.
Add sauce, simmer for 10 minutes.
Warm bread in broiler or toaster oven.

Ta. Da.

I am not the best cook, nowhere near one actually so anytime I find something that is real easy and real good, I like to share! 


  1. That looks soo yummy!
    Gigi xoxx

  2. My SIL was just telling me about these simmer sauces from Fresh and Easy!

  3. That looks delish! I have yet to go to Fresh and Easy (I know.. where have I been?) But this might encourage me to go :)

  4. YUM! i am pinning this for sure..i'll definitely have to try making it next week! Xo

  5. I LOVE fresh and easy's selection. My hubby and I have made this same recipe but with their jasmine rice and it was FAB; highly recommend it. Clearly you have good taste :)


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