Thursday, November 29, 2012


today i am so excited to offer this chunky brioette teardrop necklace from adornmegirl! when i first saw this, i had to have it. it's bold, bright and chunky! i can't tell you how many compliments i have gotten on this great peice! kendra from adornmegirl is offering one lucky reader this gorgeous necklace in the color of your choice (6 colors to choose from.) ok now the details!

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this giveaway will end in one week! winner will be announced on dec 5th!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy 6 month Anniversary!

Today is our 6 month anniversary! WOW. I have to say I do love being married. It does feel different. Everything you do is for your life together. It's "us" rather than "me." It's fun to come home to Bryce everyday, I love our routine we have created. It just happens, life that is. Our life together has just unfolded before our eyes and it works. This is it, we are living it.

I only have 6 months of experience to go off of but I thought I would share the most important parts of a happy marriage. Here is what I have learned:

• Be kind and choose your words wisely. They can't be taken back.
• Always kiss each other good night. Common saying but oh so true.
• Take care of your other half in every way possible.
• Choose to be happy and thankful.
• Be honest and truth in each other. 
• Go on date nights, no matter how busy you are take the time.
• Make a strong genuine effort with your new family and in-laws.
• Communicate and talk things through.
• Laugh, laugh and laugh some more.
• Don't hold on to little fights.
• Love like crazy. 

Fun date night ideas:

Have a picnic.
Have a fondue night, crock pots work too!
Go ice skating.
Go on a hike.
Surprise your husband with tickets to a sporting event.
Go to a concert. 
Play a board game. 
Go to a bed and breakfast, turn off cell phones and get off the grid.
Have a wine tasting at home, include a varitey of cheese too. 
Go to the driving range and hit some golf balls. 
Have a movie marathon.
Have a fire and make s'mores. 
Grab a blanket and go to a park, lay and watch the stars. 

Since this is a post about love I might as well get more lovie on you guys! Here are some of my favorite little quotes and sayings. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Outfit of the day & my new glasses!

Today I am sharing my new glasses with you! I love the black plastic look, but I wanted some bigger frames. I got these bad boys from firmoo and I love them. What do you think?!
Firmoo has a ton of great simple stylish glasses as well as gorgeous designer glasses, too. Check the selection out here. I loved working with this company, they were so great and easy to work with! Oh, and you can upload a picture of yourself to see what each pair would look like on you. Once I picked my frames, I completed my perscription and ta da! I literally recieved them a week later. I wear my contacts daily but now that I have these fun glasses to turn to, I might just give the contacts a rest. 
One last thing to point out, Firmoo offers FREE glasses for new customers. YES, I promise, totally free. You just pay the shipping, and returns/exchanges are welcome! If you want more glasses for different looks, all their glasses are seriously so affordable. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think.
My old scratched up glasses have been replaced. YAY! 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a best friend gift.

i have been wanting to share a really beautiful gift that i have both given, and received. this time of year we all need great ideas for gifts, especially if we can find something unique and special. this is one of the gifts that i got my maid of honor. when i saw it, it was perfection. a gold bangle is timeless. plus right now with all the layering of bracelets and big watches, it is super stylish, too. on top of that, it has the sweetest inscription on it. on the outside, it reads: peas in a pod, birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pair and partners in crime. then, on the inside BEST FRIEND EVER.

get it here

my maid of honor loved this gift and wears it all the time. it makes me happy, and i know it is something she'll always have to remember our amazing friendship as well as the day she stood by me for the biggest moment of my life, thus far. a few months later, my birthday to be exact. i opened up a beautifully wrapped and oh so familiar bright pink and purple round box, tied with a bow. truly, to my surprise... there was the bracelet. it was so special to receive the very same gift, to know she wanted me to have one just like her. i love looking down at it, it's classy, beautiful and full of special meaning. a great gift to give and receive for a birthday, wedding, christmas gift or the good old just because reason. thank you mer, i love my bracelet, you, and our amazing friendship. we have been through so much over the past 13+ years. you are like my sister that i've never had, always there through thick and thin. i can't wait to see where we are in the next 10 years of our lives. i do know one thing, we'll still have these bracelets and our lifelong friendship.

oh and just in case you want to see this best friend of mine, here she is.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Over the weekend we went down to Tucson. We went with another couple who both graduated from U of A. Yes weird, I know, I graduated from ASU and you are probably thinking WHY am I going to a U of A game?! Well we wanted our friends to show us the fabulous town of Tucson and hey, it was a fun weekend trip and B got some football in there! The boys had been talking about a Tucson trip for months, finally we got it planned and we're on our way. The game was at 11:30 so we started our day at 7:30 in the car - ready to go. 

We walked through the main part of campus with all the booths and fun stuff set up because this game was also Homecoming. Gosh we felt old! Guys, I graduated 6 years ago next month. It's a weird feeling to be the older ones looking back on the freshman and all the students living the college life. Those were fun times! In the very same instant, I was so content. So happy with the life I am living now and where I am at. I'm happy that I was able to have the college experience. It's just the cycle. It was fun to go act like a college student and just have no worries for this weekend.

U of A won!
A super cute restaurant called Wilko, (below was the fantastic cheese plate.)
Slumber party in the hotel. 
A couple classy cab drivers.
Wearing a scarf for the first time this fall! 
Touring the campus for the first time!

Monday, November 12, 2012



I found a coupe great skirts from F21, here's one of them. I love the wide stripes and of course the colors! Best part, this little piece was $12.90! I mean how can you not snag it up! It will be perfect with some black tights as it gets cooler! The weekend was fun, we had a date night on Friday and then went down to Tucson for the UofA football game and stayed there a night, good times! I'll be posting more about our trip later this week! 


Friday, November 9, 2012

my advice.

lauren over at lauren rebecca asked me to do a little q & a on wedding planning. i was so excited to answer a few questions in hopes to help a few engaged ladies with their planning for the big day!
my advice, here.

comments are off but lauren and i would love to hear from you over on her blog
happy friday to you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Target does it again. GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Do any of you follow #targetdoesitagain on instagram?

I recently started following them, which I think it is two ladies that are behind this. Basically they shop Target and post new items, sales, and even outfit in the dressing room. I am totally hooked. I mean, it might not be the best thing for me seeing that I am already obsessed with Target and have issues shopping there. I need to go at least once a week to see what's new. 
I love the new designers that rotate in and out. Currently Nate Berkus has a home line, yes it is amaze. I thought I would do a little Target line up and share some of these amazing finds! 
All $30 or less! 

Large Chevron Urn 




Large Hurricane 



Round Lacquer Tray


(15"dia x 1.7" Brown)

Decorative Pillow 


(18 x 18 Gold)

Rams Horns 



GIVEAWAY WINNER for hello there, design is:
Kaitlyn from Wifessionals! 
Email me for instructions on how to receive your print! 

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