Monday, December 17, 2012

Our personal love story.

i have been wanting to share our story for quite sometime now. when i first started reading blogs and following some lovely ladies, i noticed that a lot of people share their "love story." each one is different and it's fun to get to know people even more... to know their story and how they met. there are lots of women who are newlyweds and new mom's who have blogs. i think its nice to read more and see the journey, how did they get to the married status, where did they find their other half? i am a hopeless romantic so i eat this stuff up, i love a gdod love story and i hope you love ours, too.  

in may of 2007 me and 3 girlfriends headed to california for a cruise to puerto vallarta, mazatlan and cabo san lucas. we had graduated college that past december so our celebration cruise was planned for the following summer. we booked our tickets, chose our cabin for the week, oh and most importantly - we choose our dinner time. if you have been on a cruise before you know what i mean, you choose early or late dinner. we choose the late (8pm dinner) our thoughts were more time to get ready after long days of activities. 

fast forward. our first night on the ship, we get all ready and head to dinner. we wait in line to be taken to our table for the week. we follow the hostess into the large dining room, down some stairs, around a corner and see a large round table with 5 boys already sitting at it, along with four open seats. our seats. apparently the cruise line looks at your reservations and paired us up with some single boys that were our age. little did i know, my future husband was sitting there. 

{i obviously can't share ever single detail or this would bore you! i have to stick with the highlights! my apologies now for the quality of these pictures, but these are over 5 years old and this is what i have to work with}

another from the cruise, in cabo - heading to the beach!

 now, i have to be 100% honest here. i was the only one of the girls who was in a relationship but again being 100% honest - i was intrigued with him, something attracted me. these boys were so much fun, they made our trip so memorable and little did we know we made lifelong friends. the week was a blast and at the end of the week we exchanged emails and phone numbers, promised to do more trips together and of course promised to keep in touch. we said our goodbyes, and us girls headed back to az and the boys back to ut. 

we kept our promises and planned a vacation a few months later to las vegas, a middle meeting spot. we called this trip "cruise reunion". by this time, i made myself single and this trip was the start of the real attraction and the real start of something big. after leaving this trip he and i had our very first kiss and we knew there was something there. we left this time again promising to keep in touch and texting/talking more than ever. 

later that year the boys came to visit us in phoenix, this was cruise reunion 2.

we went to utah to visit them and they took us snowboarding in park city, this was cruise reunion 3.

they came back a whole year later in the spring, we took them to spring training games. i'm leaving out details trying to just keep the main parts in here. all these visits were a fun group of friends, yes b and i definitely had "something" but we were young and having fun and lived in two different places so it never turned into anything. over the years we had our on and off times, there were a few times that b and i stopped talking. i told him how i felt and he wasn't sure what to do as far as the distance and stuff. oh and he had a girlfriend on and off over the years. i did my own thing too, dated people and just did what i needed to do. 

we would talk for hours about everything. he knew everything about me and my family and i knew his. although all these people we just names, i hadn't met anyone in his family yet. 

one thing i need to touch on in case you don't know this, b is mormon and i am not. when we all first met me of course we had tons of questions mainly because we didn't grow up with as strong of a mormon presence. anyway back to the story, i think this was a huge initial factor with b. i was this girl from az who was not mormon and who had a different lifestyle and different beliefs. i think a big part of us not being "us" sooner was because he was scared. scared of telling his family or maybe just nervous would be a better word. i think he really wanted to make sure it was something, something real. i mean, was i worth it yet? did he want to introduce me to his entire family? 

i was beyond nervous too. will he ever want to be with me? i'm not exactly what he thought he would end up with.  gosh now i feel like i seem horrible or something, let me rewind, i am a good girl, good family, good morals, went to college, have a great job, the whole shebang BUT i'm just saying i'm not mormon and that was the big issue, that was the big worry. 

alright let me get back on track now. i got to a point of knowing i wanted to be with b, knowing it was really something, knowing i loved him there was something that i had just never felt before. i sent him a plane ticket to come visit me, just me and him. we would have a little weekend together. i didn't want him to bring friends and i didn't want everyone to be with us, i wanted to just be us. see what it was like and see what all these feelings were about. see what they could be.

he didn't come. yep, thats right... he didn't use the ticket. as you may have guessed, this was another one of our "off" times, we didn't talk for awhile. i was confused and hurt and mad. i didn't get it. to this day i can't really believe it but i think it was supposed to happen that way. 

a few months later, after more talking and thinking and figuring things out. he surprised me with his ticket to come down and visit. 

that visit was that did it, that's what he says. after that weekend of time for us, time that we figured out if we wanted this, or at least wanted to try for this. he said he left that weekend knowing he loved me and having feelings he hadn't felt before. i remember that day that he left so clearly. i felt so many crazy feelings and i felt almost sick that he was gone. i listened to one song, over and over and over on the drive home from the airport. it was the only song that could get me through it. through the fact that i was head over heels in love with some who just flew back to HIS home. i was scared that i loved someone so much and i was scared of the road ahead, long distance, living in two different states, religion, family, just our whole lives - how were they going to come together?

that song that i listened to over and over and over that day was our first dance at our wedding. 

{i feel like this just isn't scraping the surface of the details but at least i have told it, the beginning of it. during this post i looked back at emails between us, emails from 5 years ago, telling each other what we love about each other, emails with our flight confirmations, emails with pictures, it's so crazy... everything we have been through, i got a little teared up, but gosh am i happy with how it has unfolded. i love you, b.}


  1. Aww - precious! Such a sweet, romantic story.
    Thanks for the follow, girlie! ;)
    CoverGirl + Converse

  2. Such a sweet story, true example of it was meant to be! Thanks for sharing love. I love "love" things too:)

  3. what a sweet story. =) Thank you for sharing such a beautiful love story

  4. Aw I love this!!! So cool that y'all met on a cruise?! It's SO ironic they had y'all sitting at the same dinner table and in the first pic you're standing right next to him! Who would have thought?!

  5. Hello! I just came across your blog, and I love it! Such a sweet way to meet your hubby :) on a cruise ship! so romantic!! Everyone has such great love stories haha...I’ve decided to follow you! If you get a minute, I’d love to know what you think of my latest outfit post! While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch! :)
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  6. I love reading about everyone's "love story"! I've been following your blog for a little while now and I love it...but this is definitely one of my fav posts! I just recently ended a long distance relationship and I've had a tough time...yesterday was one of those days and then I read this post. It brought comfort to my heart and reminded me that if things are meant to work out - they will! Our breakup was so circumstantial, so I like to think there is still a little hope. Anyway, your story is beautiful and I'm so happy things worked out for you and your hubby the way they did! Thanks for sharing, pretty lady!!

  7. Eeeks, your love story is great. One word: God. It's so clear that He brought y'all together. Y'all overcame a lot of hurdles. He gave you something that, what seems, was unbearable, but with Him, you were able to work it out. SO happy for y'all! I love love!

  8. Such a special story, thank you for sharing. It all makes you believe in fate and true love x

  9. That is such a fun Story! and all the struggles were worth it!!


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