Monday, December 3, 2012

We're really adults!

we did it, we hosted a thanksgiving dinner with our friends and all we could say was WOW, we're really adults! 

one of my good friends Andrea (who lives in Utah) and i planned a little friends night, the saturday after thanksgiving. We wanted to get everyone together and have a thanksgiving dinner party after the real day. she and i emailed and shared ideas about a month prior and were so excited! since i was traveling, i was in charge of the decor and favors which i was easily able to travel with. the rest of our friends each brought a dish, and it was just fantastic. i think we all were so pleasantly surprised with how wonderful everything came out. everyone took the time to make something delicious, the food was amazing. it was so nice to have everyone come together and plan a nice dinner party. an adult party that is. good friends, good conversation and good food. 

(i apologize now for the lack of people photos, i at least have a few of the two hostesses and a couple little ones.)

(banner template and food label template via thetomkatstudio)


  1. Gorgeous Thanksgiving table! Everything looks amazing! So much thought and care clearly went into it:)

  2. Everything looked great!! What a fun idea!

  3. Super cute! Love the straws and name tags!! :)

  4. Oh wow! Your holiday decor came out so lovely!! :)) Loved your outfit too, leopard print is my fave!


  5. So cute Kristal!
    I love the font your chose for everything ;)
    Have a great Monday!

    P.S. a baby looks good on your!


  6. My brother and sister in law hosted Thanksgiving this year for the first time. I said several times 'you guys are like real adults now!'
    The give thanks sign is too cute!

  7. Congrats- this looks so beautiful!!! xo

  8. Really enjoyed your blog! Thanks for your comments, following you back girl;)

  9. Great decor!

  10. I loved this idea! Anything I can do that involves creating my own items! I have to ask..where did you get your fur vest from?? I am looking for one and can't find anything that looks as good as yours does. And I love the color of it. Great blog!

  11. Love these sweet ideas :) Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love your blog darling!

    The Rancher's Daughter


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