Tuesday, January 29, 2013


as promised, here is my latest project. i love our chalkboard and i love writing quotes or cute sayings for certian times of year. i have always wondered how people get the perfect fonts on their chalk boards! i mean, my handwriting is fine but i can't get it that perfect and i can't free hand this style. so i went to pinterest of course and tried out some techniques myself. i was so excited about how it turned out and how simple it was, that i had to share! hope you enjoy! here is the finished product and the steps are below!

Monday, January 28, 2013


happy monday everyone! i was supposed to have my little tutorial on chalkboard lettering (see instagram for our home chalkboard @kristalmarlor) today BUT i wasn't able to get everything finished last night so i apologize and it will be up tomorrow. so sorry! in the meantime, i have our wedding page with all the links almost finished. 

from start to finish, i tried to include everything about the process for all you brides to be who are planning, it might be helpful. or anyone who just loves to look at wedding stuff and is interested, the links are working. 

oh and if you have any wedding related questions, or need advice let me know! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


happy wednesday everyone! it is so beautiful today, we have a high of 82! crazy, because last week was freezing! 

today is just a typical day, we took these before i headed to work this morning. when i found this cute baseball tee at h&m i just loved it for some reason. i know it's kind of plain but i randomly paired it with one of my all time favorite skirts and boots and there ya go! i have to be honest, i don't think i have worn boots with a skirt before. thoughts on this? is it too cowgirl-ish?

b and i had a really great talk last night about future plans and decisions we need to make in the very near future. i feel so much better now that we have a more specific timeline and goals set for this summer. 

i was thinking about setting up a vision board in our house, in the office. just as  reminder of where we are at and what we are trying to accomplish. do you guys have any great ways that you keep track of goals and things you are reaching for? if so, please share!
[top: h&m, skirt: h&m(old), belt: f21, tights: target, boots: jessica simpson, watch: nixon, necklace: kate spade, sunglasses: ray ban, lips: revlon (orange flip), bag: target]

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


i typically don't do link up's very often but i came across this one and felt the need to participate! beware, these are so random!

here it goes:

1. i have been told i have a huge heart, i will do anything for my friends and family. 
2. i believe that happiness is a choice and you should surround yourself with the people you admire most. 
3. i'm super stubborn.
4. i love diet coke
5. i, like whitney love to use a straw for any drink. i don't care what it is, a straw makes it better.
6. i can't wait for the day i become a mom.
7. i am shy at first and may come off snotty - i promise i'm not!
8. i love giving advice, helping people and listening.
9. if i could go to college all over, i would major in graphic design or psychology.
10. i like to push myself and set goals to keep me motivated. 
11. blogging makes me happy, i am so happy i started my blog and it's hard to explain to some people why i blog or "what it's all about." 
12. i love movies.
13. sometimes i think i have a shopping problem, no really i really think i do.
14. i'm not the best cook but i keep trying!
15. i love knowing how tall people are, like celebs and stuff, i always google their height because you can never tell from movies or tv. with that being said - i'm 5'9'' and when i put on heels and wedges i'm usually pushing 6'1''.
16. i am the biggest wuss when it comes to being cold, i am always cold, if its under 79 degrees, i'm a baby and saying i'm cold!

if you have time, go join the link up at i wore yoga pants to work and share some facts about yourself!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Well guys, we finished the half marathon! It is such a great feeling today! So just to give you some history on this, I have never ever been one of those natural runner people. Like, never could I just go out for a 4 mile run whenever I felt like it. I have always been athletic, played sports etc. I love to go to body pump classes or spin classes but running was just never my thing. So when we (Sarah, my running buddy) and I decided to start training and we set our minds to it, there was no turning back. We were going to do it. It was so great to have a partner, someone to count on to be there for you and someone to run with in case late night runs were all there was time for. I would also recommend to follow a training schedule. We followed this one. Try not to stray from it, even through the holidays, we stayed on track and made time for the runs. I really think that is what made the difference. 

If you would have asked me 2 years ago or even 1 year ago to do a half marathon I would have said no way! I can't run! But it was something that I wanted to accomplish, at least once, something to show myself that I could do. 

The "day of" was so fun and exciting, we arrived to Mill Avenue at about 7:30, made a bathroom stop and let me just tell you, the worst kind of portable bathroom type stop, oh and expect lines for them! Yuck! Then we found our corral and we were off! It's called the rock and roll half marathon because there are bands set up along the way, playing live music. On top of that there are so many amazing volunteers that are cheering for you and encouraging you throughout! High school spirt lines, cheer leaders, bands etc so cute and just cheering away! That helps so much!

So we did run the entire thing, no stopping what-so-ever but we aren't the fastest girls ever, we kept a good solid pace and did it! To anyone out there thinking about it, DO IT! It is such a good feeling, and great accomplishment. Thank you Sarah for being the best running buddy ever! You always came though... with a job, hubby and two little ones you trained for this as well. You are a super mamma! Oh and thank you Bryce and our friends for coming down to cheer us across the finish line! It meant so much to seeing your smiling faces at the end! 

We finished! 
About to cross the finishline!
Almost done!
Our pre-race dinner loading up on carbs, traditional spaghetti and meatballs! haha we are so dorky and follow all the pieces of running advice! 
Here we are the ad before at the Expo picking up our goodies! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


as promised, i said i would be sharing all the details from our wedding (the page is set up above if you want to check it out) please remember it's a work in process and i need to link everything up still. it was really fun designing these once we got our wedding photos back but b and i each had different thoughts on them. he thought the card should only include pictures of us rather than the bridal party. i on the other hand liked the idea of a variety to share parts of the day. some people weren't able to travel so sending them a card with a few pictures sounded good to me and hey our bridal party was made up of our closest friends. boys just think totally different he said no one "cares" about who was in our wedding party. haha i vote that they do care. here it is:

here are a couple more that we played with and then finally decided on the one above!

all three designed via weddingpaperdivas

a few tips:
-they can get pricey and after all the money spent on the wedding the last thing you want to do is spend more money on thank you cards. i chose the postcard ones, easy to write on the back, less postage and less worry for me on making the envelope cute. i know myself and i would have HAD to add something to it, creating a whole other project for myself. 
-people say you have a year to send them out, i tried to get them done in a timely manner, but plan on pacing yourself. they get tedious and your hand does get tired.
-obviously you probably kept a list of all the gifts you received so i tried to refer back to that list to make each thank you more genuine as to what we used the gift card for or thanking each person for the actual gift. 
-when people gave cash or a check i thanked them by saying "thank you for the generous gift, we appreciate it more than you know." 
- i read a thank you card at my in-laws that literally said "thanks for the cash." i mean really? that just does not sound appreciative or respectful to me but i guess some people write that! haha

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


this past weekend was very relaxing! we have been going and going ever since the holidays so it was nice to relax. i did my 10 mile run on saturday and then on sunday we went with some friends to a food truck festival at salt river fields. 

salt river fields is where the diamond backs and the rockies have their spring training games in march. so the rest of the year the space is open to activities and festivals like this one. 

we thought it would be fun to go check it out. there were over 30 trucks all set up with a simple menu of things to try. they also had sample sizes which was nice so you could try a bunch of little things. 

overall it was a fun day, we had a great time with friends just hanging out. 
the only negative was there is not healthy way to go about this, from green chile mac n cheese to funnel cakes and fried cheese curds, i mean there is no escaping it! 

oh and my half marathon is in 5 days!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have been waiting to share this with you guys and I just felt like the time was right. Below is our wedding video. I can't tell you how excited I am to have this. The day we got the video back and watched it for the first time was so special, it's a perspective you can't get from pictures and it's the next best thing to your own memories. Every time I click play and start to hear the music, I get  a little teary. If you are married you understand how special your wedding day is and if you're not yet married, I can't even put into words how amazing it is. 
I hope you enjoy watching it. 

I would, without a doubt recommend getting a videographer and I would be more than happy to give you information about amore films, and Kyle Smith who is responsible for creating this incredible video of our day. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


well here it is, my little vision board if you will for the upcoming year. this is what i hope to have happen this year. some are little and some are big but each one is so important to me. 
here's to 2013!

this is one of my all time motivational quotes. just in case i need to refer back and have a little reminder. 

What are your main goals or hopes for the upcoming year? 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


it's 2013 and i'm ready for it, and so excited for the year ahead. right now i have nothing set in stone, no big events as of now but that is the most exciting thing - the unknown! i just lovE looking back on old posts to see what i was thinking at a certain time, most of all i love looking back at a complete year. last year was the best year ever, thus far. yeah yeah it was because i married the most amazing man ever. now our life is happening and unfolding and i'm so happy to have this blog and be able to share with all of you! 

i'm not a huge fan of new years resolutions but i do like to take this time to have a clean slate if you will. a fresh start to try new things and be aware of my hopes and dreams. gosh that sounds cheesy! sorry guys! you know what i mean, a time to plan and be present every single day. tomorrow i am posting a little list not resolutions but more like a bucket list. and i'm telling you now, i'm not calling it 30 before 30, i'm just not. 30 is scary for me and i have 2 years still. this list will have a name, i'll think of it before tomorrow!

jacket: h&m, top: f21, leggings: h&m, booties: target, coat: h&m, bag: target (go get this!)
watch: nixon, bangle: kate spade, sunglasses: ray ban, lips: sephora, it girl

Thursday, January 3, 2013

christmas via instagram!

from top left to right. gift exchange with my girls before christmas!
baby brother's enormous order of chicken and waffles at hash house a go go in vegas.
dad and i.
just kissing b upon our arrival to utah.
bowling day with b's family, a pic of all the sisters!
adorable nephews playing at the park in st. george.
warm leggings because it was in the 30's there!
all the our nieces and nephews, minus one because she refused a picture.
a little hike we did with gorgeous views.
matching pj's!
happy 2013.
first day of 2013 spent with 2 of my best friends, lunch, 2 targets and a movie. 
it's going to be a great year, i can't wait to see what's in store. 

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! now it's time to get back focused and pry my self out of bed a earlier so i can get some outfit posts in! 
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