Tuesday, January 22, 2013


i typically don't do link up's very often but i came across this one and felt the need to participate! beware, these are so random!

here it goes:

1. i have been told i have a huge heart, i will do anything for my friends and family. 
2. i believe that happiness is a choice and you should surround yourself with the people you admire most. 
3. i'm super stubborn.
4. i love diet coke
5. i, like whitney love to use a straw for any drink. i don't care what it is, a straw makes it better.
6. i can't wait for the day i become a mom.
7. i am shy at first and may come off snotty - i promise i'm not!
8. i love giving advice, helping people and listening.
9. if i could go to college all over, i would major in graphic design or psychology.
10. i like to push myself and set goals to keep me motivated. 
11. blogging makes me happy, i am so happy i started my blog and it's hard to explain to some people why i blog or "what it's all about." 
12. i love movies.
13. sometimes i think i have a shopping problem, no really i really think i do.
14. i'm not the best cook but i keep trying!
15. i love knowing how tall people are, like celebs and stuff, i always google their height because you can never tell from movies or tv. with that being said - i'm 5'9'' and when i put on heels and wedges i'm usually pushing 6'1''.
16. i am the biggest wuss when it comes to being cold, i am always cold, if its under 79 degrees, i'm a baby and saying i'm cold!

if you have time, go join the link up at i wore yoga pants to work and share some facts about yourself!


  1. You're tall! I'm only 5'11. Isn't that sad? Fetus legs over here.

    I love your hair and your outfit. Beaut!

  2. I love your sweater!! Where did you get it?

  3. I have the same problem of explaining to people "why I blog". Alot of my friends just don't get it!

  4. this was fun. Sometimes people think I'm snotty too....downside of being shy.
    straws ARE fun and I am not the best cook either.


  5. I never would have thought you were 5'9," for you appear much shorter in pictures. Good for you for having gotten that down- I'm jealous! I'm 5'8" and when I wear heels, the 6 foot photos for me, come out looking 6 feet tall!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm also shy so i understand how you feel, we don't mean to be snobbish, we are just shy!!

  7. Love your sweater!
    I'm totally addicted to diet coke.
    I'm 5'8, yay for another tall girl!
    I kept reading all of these and thinking 'Me too!' haha I love it.

  8. i'm always cold, too! we keep our heat turned up waaaaayyy too high to accommodate my weird body temperature! :)

  9. I just found your blog through your guest post and I am so glad I did! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too!


  10. You are gorgeous and I love the one about straws- couldn't agree more!


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