Wednesday, January 16, 2013


as promised, i said i would be sharing all the details from our wedding (the page is set up above if you want to check it out) please remember it's a work in process and i need to link everything up still. it was really fun designing these once we got our wedding photos back but b and i each had different thoughts on them. he thought the card should only include pictures of us rather than the bridal party. i on the other hand liked the idea of a variety to share parts of the day. some people weren't able to travel so sending them a card with a few pictures sounded good to me and hey our bridal party was made up of our closest friends. boys just think totally different he said no one "cares" about who was in our wedding party. haha i vote that they do care. here it is:

here are a couple more that we played with and then finally decided on the one above!

all three designed via weddingpaperdivas

a few tips:
-they can get pricey and after all the money spent on the wedding the last thing you want to do is spend more money on thank you cards. i chose the postcard ones, easy to write on the back, less postage and less worry for me on making the envelope cute. i know myself and i would have HAD to add something to it, creating a whole other project for myself. 
-people say you have a year to send them out, i tried to get them done in a timely manner, but plan on pacing yourself. they get tedious and your hand does get tired.
-obviously you probably kept a list of all the gifts you received so i tried to refer back to that list to make each thank you more genuine as to what we used the gift card for or thanking each person for the actual gift. 
-when people gave cash or a check i thanked them by saying "thank you for the generous gift, we appreciate it more than you know." 
- i read a thank you card at my in-laws that literally said "thanks for the cash." i mean really? that just does not sound appreciative or respectful to me but i guess some people write that! haha


  1. These are SO SO SO cute!! I love the idea of a post card!

  2. These thank-yous are darling. I'm currently wedding planning with my future sis-in-law and its a blast!! We love the wedding paper divas and bought their save the dates from their site!!

    XO Jenna

  3. They turned out really cute!!! I like the postcard idea. I like the one you chose the best. It's mainly pictures of the two of you, but one of 'your group'.

  4. LOVE your choice! I have been pondering over some TY card ideas, and these tips are GREAT!

  5. Wow, a year?! I've never heard of that before. According to "etiquette" they're supposed to go out a month after you get back from your honeymoon. I wouldn't want to wait a whole dang year! haha I used wedding paper divas for all my stationary. They are sooo great! Your thank you card is so freakin cute too! Maybe we'll think about doing something like that. I'm all about a cheaper stamp price haha

  6. Those are such cute ideas! you were a stunning bride!

  7. Ooooo love your wedding dress! You are gorgeous :D
    I found your blog through the comment you left on mine {Breezy Days}, now I'm your newest follower!
    Definitely gonna email to do a February button swap :)

  8. I LOVE your thank your!! You are so cute, your wedding was perfect!

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  10. Love the thank yous you sent out -- and the other options, too. I wish we would have been more creative with ours, but we were in a rush to move abroad. Boo.


  11. Beautiful wedding photos! Such cute thank yous!!

    New Follower :)


  12. Ohh!! The third one is my favorite! You were such a beautiful bride! xo

  13. I LOVE all of your wedding photos! Your thank yous are so pretty! :)

  14. just stumbled across your blog - you are beautiful and I love your style....pretty inspiring! :)

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