Monday, April 29, 2013

A Midi Black Dress!

Ok so today I am going to share a little dilemma that I have always had when it comes to dresses. 
They are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS too short! As I have mentioned before, I am 5'9'' in flats. On top of that I think I have a longer waist or torso so with those to factors combined, 
dresses = shirts in my world! 
So I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to find this midi dress! I love the length. I think its classic and completely appropriate. I will admit that I will not be wearing this again anytime soon unless I am out of AZ because we hit the 100's last week and this thing can't be worn in those temps! Ok back to the length, ASOS also offers midi-length skirts and dresses so if you like this length, check there too.
This dress is Topshop and actually my first ever Topshop purchase. I love it. The material is great and it's thick so it doesn't show every little detail underneath. 

Now, on to the shoes. These are my first Sole Society purchase too! 
I love them.
They are comfy.
They are great for work.
They go with everything.
They were like $30!

As many of you probably already know, Sole Society gives you $20 off your first purchase so that's why these were a steal! 
(Dress: Topshop, Heels: Sole Society, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bag: H&M)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I just wanted to share some pictures from a fun weekend!

//Here we are at a new restaurant in downtown Phoenix called Culinary Dropout, The Yard. The atmosphere is just gorgeous and the concept is so great! There is a giant outdoor 'yard' that has ping pong tables as well as cornhole or 'bags' set up too! There are lots of tables with great furniture, rustic wood and industrial metals mixed in. Then the food measures up too! It is a fairly new place and I'm glad we took our visitors there!//

//Country Thunder, the 4 day country music festival I talked about last week. Here we are on our blanket waiting for Lee Brice to come on!//

//Some more Country Thunder pictures, we had such a blast and the people watching was quite amusing too!//

//Here are the boys and a group pic of all of us, Toby Keith was the main headliner for Saturday night and he did such great job! He has had so many songs over the years and he sounds just the same live!//


//Since our friends were visiting from Utah, I wanted to get some pool time in! We met another friend of mine that was in town for work at her hotel pool, it was so nice to layout and relax!//

//We finished off the weekend but taking them to our favorite restaurant in Chandler called San Tan Brewery, it was fantastic as always and they got a little more patio time to enjoy before heading back to the snow! Oh and yes I did just say snow and it's April 16th, oh and yes I know I am moving there! EEEEEKS!//

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making a STATEment and some BIG NEWS!!!

Today's outfit isn't really a full outfit post, more like a super basic go-to look that I personally love. I love the white tee and jeans look as well, you can never go wrong with it. Also I wanted a very plain outfit that was not distracting from the most important part, my little Arizona necklace! 
I am in love with this thing! 
It's a Maya Brenner design, mine is silver but it comes in gold as well. It's so dainty and classic. I have been on the look out for one of these for quite some time and this one is just perfect! It's funny how timing works out, because it couldn't have been a better time to get this Arizona necklace!
Scroll to the bottom for the news! 
Oh, and you know those adorable initial necklaces that have the letters that sit on the side of your neck, kinda slanted? Well she designs those too, in gold and silver of course!
If you want to check out more of her beautiful designs, go here
Her designs are sold at stores like Anthropologie and Fred Segal and she has a long list of celebs that adore her products too! 
Twitter: @MayaBDesigns
Instagram: @mayabrenner1

\\ shirt: h&m, leggings: f21, necklace: c/o maya brenner, sunglasses: ray ban, booties: f21, bangle: kate spade, watch: nixon //


I know it's not THAT big of news, and probably not the news that some people were thinking, however.. I hope we do have that news soon! ;)

So yeah we are moving to UTAH! I am so excited you guys! I absolutely love it every time I visit there! As you might already know, B is from there so most of his family is there and all his friends etc. And let me say this, his family is obviously incredible as well as his friends and their wives, girl friends etc so this will be a great move for us. 

We have had this in the back of our minds for a while now, our timeline was to move around April/May as that is when our AZ lease is up! Things really have fallen into place which makes me feel so good about our decision! Bryce started looking for jobs a couple months ago and flew to Utah a couple times for interviews and there we have it, he accepted a job there! I am so exited for this new adventure and chapter in our lives! Oh and as for me and my job, I am so lucky... my boss has approved me working remotely from Utah. Whew!!! Such a relief!

I feel like I already know a lot about Utah and obviously B is from there but for any of you that live there that have things to share, I would love to hear! Favorite things to do, must try restaurants, festivals, activities... I would love to hear! 

I'll write more in depth post about the move but for now I thought this was the perfect time to announce it, it ties in nicely with my Arizona necklace. I'm from AZ and will always have a thing for this beautiful sunshine state! So now when I leave, Arizona and all the people here will always be close to my heart!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I keep seeing these protein bites on pinterest, who doesn't want a healthy little snack?! I searched for a bit, looking thru recipes and I ended up tweeking a couple to make my own. These literally take like 5 minutes to make and the instructions are super simple! 

You see all that stuff above? Literally dump it all in a mixing bowl, stir it up really good until everything is mixed well. Put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Take it out, lay some wax paper down and make little balls. Whatever size you wish and just place them on the paper. No baking, no nothing! I let mine sit for about an hour then placed them in a container and popped them in the fridge!

Oh and I ended up putting them in cute little cupcake wrappers for my friends bday at work the following day. She likes to eat healthy and I thought it was the perfect alternative to cupcakes, plus everyone LOVED them! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Happy Wednesday! 
First, I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, last week we had lots going on and I had to put the blog aside for a few days. With that being said, I have some exciting news to share here in the next couple days! It's not what you think ;) but still so exciting! 
A few things on my mind:

Change: It's a coming and it's scary and oh so exciting at the same time! How do you guys handle change? Do you just trust that everything will work out? My husband is so great at letting things be, I admire that about him. He doesn't worry unless it's absolutely necessary and he doesn't NEED to know things like me, he's relaxed and he trusts that everything will work out. I on the other hand, think about things over and over and think of every possible situtaion. I think that is one of the great things and B and I, we balance eachother very well. Do you make a pro's and con's list? Do you embrace it and just jump? I'll elaborate a bit more soon! 
Not enjoying: My awful allergies this season! I have never ever had allergies this bad! It's to the point that I feel sick! Yuck and please go away!

Happy: That spring in AZ is here, it's the best time of year! Time to enjoy the sunshine, layout by the pool and get in all the outdoor activities possible! It will be in the 100's before we know it so I am so excited to get some quality pool and girl time this weekend while B is golfing! I also have one of my bests friends coming in town for the weekend, so excited to have her visit! 

Fashion front: Just found a super cute Victoria's Secret swimsuit! I love seeing the new styles they come out with each year! I just got the top for now because I love mixing bottoms and the top I got has so many bright colors in it and I know I already have at least 3 bottoms to match it! 

Looking forward: To a fun event in 2 weeks called Country Thunder! It's a huge country music festival for 4 days straight! We have friends coming in from Utah to go with us and we all are super excited! 

What's going on in your world? Please do share! 
[Dress: H&M, Jacket: F21, Bag: Target, Booties: Target, Necklace: F21, Watch: Nixon, Necklace: Beyond old from F21, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Lips: Nars Heat Wave]
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