Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making a STATEment and some BIG NEWS!!!

Today's outfit isn't really a full outfit post, more like a super basic go-to look that I personally love. I love the white tee and jeans look as well, you can never go wrong with it. Also I wanted a very plain outfit that was not distracting from the most important part, my little Arizona necklace! 
I am in love with this thing! 
It's a Maya Brenner design, mine is silver but it comes in gold as well. It's so dainty and classic. I have been on the look out for one of these for quite some time and this one is just perfect! It's funny how timing works out, because it couldn't have been a better time to get this Arizona necklace!
Scroll to the bottom for the news! 
Oh, and you know those adorable initial necklaces that have the letters that sit on the side of your neck, kinda slanted? Well she designs those too, in gold and silver of course!
If you want to check out more of her beautiful designs, go here
Her designs are sold at stores like Anthropologie and Fred Segal and she has a long list of celebs that adore her products too! 
Twitter: @MayaBDesigns
Instagram: @mayabrenner1

\\ shirt: h&m, leggings: f21, necklace: c/o maya brenner, sunglasses: ray ban, booties: f21, bangle: kate spade, watch: nixon //


I know it's not THAT big of news, and probably not the news that some people were thinking, however.. I hope we do have that news soon! ;)

So yeah we are moving to UTAH! I am so excited you guys! I absolutely love it every time I visit there! As you might already know, B is from there so most of his family is there and all his friends etc. And let me say this, his family is obviously incredible as well as his friends and their wives, girl friends etc so this will be a great move for us. 

We have had this in the back of our minds for a while now, our timeline was to move around April/May as that is when our AZ lease is up! Things really have fallen into place which makes me feel so good about our decision! Bryce started looking for jobs a couple months ago and flew to Utah a couple times for interviews and there we have it, he accepted a job there! I am so exited for this new adventure and chapter in our lives! Oh and as for me and my job, I am so lucky... my boss has approved me working remotely from Utah. Whew!!! Such a relief!

I feel like I already know a lot about Utah and obviously B is from there but for any of you that live there that have things to share, I would love to hear! Favorite things to do, must try restaurants, festivals, activities... I would love to hear! 

I'll write more in depth post about the move but for now I thought this was the perfect time to announce it, it ties in nicely with my Arizona necklace. I'm from AZ and will always have a thing for this beautiful sunshine state! So now when I leave, Arizona and all the people here will always be close to my heart!


  1. Aw, that necklace is too cute.
    So exciting for you!



  2. CONGRATS!! moving is HUGE news and so exciting!! I wish i had the opportunity to move out of California. Good Luck!

  3. Good Luck on your move!! :) I love moving. Nothing like waking up in a new city!

  4. Good luck! I'm in Utah right now! It's definitely an adjustment, but now it's fun!


  5. Can't wait till you live right by me! I live in North Salt Lake so if you ever wanna do lunch I am in!!!
    You look stunning as the usual

  6. CONGRATS pretty girl!! this is such exciting news for you both and an awesome adventure and journey ahead.
    Looking forward to following it all...

    P.S. Definitely a little sad that it wasn't the OTHER big news (but soon!)

  7. I LOVE UTAH! My boyfriend has allot of family from there as well! Congratulations! So will you be changing the name of your blog??
    That Fitness Chic

  8. I LOVE this outfit!! Tshirts, leggins, and a pair of boots is my go-to outfit! I honestly wear some variation of it probably 3 times a week!!

  9. Love that necklace! Perfect timing for it! Congrats on the move! Oh, and I love the simple outfit!

    Xo, Amanda


  10. Aww! Being a fellow Arizona girl, I absolutely love that necklace! But I can't believe you're leaving this great state!

    Good luck on the move!


  11. I can't get pass your super blonde hair!!
    I'm naturally a blonde, but I've been thinking about going more blonde blonde. I can't stop staring at all the blonde!

  12. Congrats on the move! I hope it all goes well

  13. You are gorgeous! Congrats on the new move! Good luck!

  14. Are you going to change your blog name now to Sincerely Utah?

  15. So fun! I would love to move to another state at some point in my life!

  16. Congrats!! And praying you get the other news you want soon as well :)


  17. you are so cute!!! lovely photos!


  18. SO exciting that you're moving!!!! Cheers to new adventures :)

  19. How awesome!!!! Congrats on the move! :) And LOVE the brown booties!

  20. You guys should go to a celebratory dinner at the Tree Room in Sundance!

    I just went there with my boyfriend last week and the food was TOP NOTCH, one of the better dining experiences of my life.




  21. I love your blog!

  22. You look gorgeous! And I NEED that necklace in my life asap! Specially now living in a different state and being an Arizona girl myself :)

    Congrats on the move!! That's very exciting!


  23. Congrats on your move! Sounds really exciting.

  24. You guys can't move! I have been buggin' Bryce that we need to get together! Haha. Congrats tho! I grew up in Utah and moved to AZ two years ago. Utah is so gorgeous and greener and I love a lot of the people there, but it is cold and dreary for too much of the year, but I'm sure you're up for the change! Hopefully one day Ill still get to meet you whether here or there. Or when you move back to AZ! ;)

  25. Congratulations on the move, you must be so excited!! Love your outfit by the way, too cute..

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  26. Your hair is gorgeous!! Loving the boots
    Congratulations on the move!
    Great blog, new follower xxx


  27. Absolutely love this look!! You have amazing hair- loved the tutorial!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  28. how exciting!!! I bet his family is ecstatic!! Where are you originally from az?

  29. That outfit is seriously SO CUTE! Congrats on the move!

  30. You are SO BEAUTIFUL! I want want want this outfit so so badly! GORGEOUS!

  31. I currently live in Provo, Utah and I love it! There's so much do to, especially during the summer. In addition to all the stuff in SLC (City Creek Mall, Farmer's Market, Energy Solutions Arena, Gateway Mall) each town has their own summer festival - most include carnivals, parades, shops etc. And there is always stuff to do in the canyons; hiking, walking, biking, camping. You'll love it!

    blanchard life


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