Friday, May 31, 2013


That's right! It's been a year! Well, a year and 5 days to be exact. I really feel like this whole first year has flown by! Since our actual anniversary was last Sunday and we spent the day unpacking, B surprised me with a weekend getaway to Park City this weekend so we can officially celebrate or at least have a night to recogonize the year of being married. I'll post a recap of the weekend next week. Also, I am starting my new job on Monday! Eeeekks right?! After being at my last job for 6 years, its kind of a big deal to be starting a whole new job on Monday but in all honesty, I am excited! I really think it was time for me to have this change and take on something new. I really liked all the people that I met during my interview process, and I left with a great feeling. SO - I'll write about the new job next week too!
Okay, now on to the real topic of this post...below you will find: 
Some mushy lovey words from me
Some more mushly lovey quotes that I love
and last but not least, some old photos of us. I love looking back at them and since I'm being mushy, I might as well include them. Hope you enjoy!

 I want to start this post off by saying getting married really is the greatest thing. As I sit here, I still can't believe I'm a Mrs. I still can't believe I have a new last name but at the same time, it seems so normal and my new last name feels right and flows like its always been my last name.
 The commitment you make to one another is incredible and I have loved every single moment of this first year. Yes we have been newlyweds and people say it's  'puppy love' but let me tell you, he is my everything. I love knowing that he will be there, sharing my life, our life... and all of our experiences that are to come. Choosing to spend your life with one person is a huge decision, marriage is forever. He and I will go through every life experience together from here on out. He will make me laugh everyday, I know that for sure. He will love me and take care of me, he will comfort me and always stand by me. He will be a wonderful Dad (gosh I can't wait to see that), he will always keep me entertained and will always make everything fun. He has a heart of gold...the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone. He has an incredible group of friends that he has kept over the years and in my opinion that says a lot about a person. He is my husband and as I recogonize this day, I also am promising him to be everything he ever imagined, to always be there for him, support him, encourage him, being an amazing mom to our children, and to love him with everything I have. I love you Bryce, thank you for making me the happiest girl, for loving me at my best and worst and for the past year of being an amazing husband! This is life baby, this is it, us building our life together, one day at a time. 

Here is one of my favorite wedding photos form this time last year. 


  1. Congrats! You two are adorable :)

    Xo, Amanda

  2. Sooo sweet!! And Happy Happy Happy Anniversary to you two!!! Crazy how fast the first year goes! :)

  3. Aww Happy Anniversary you guys! I hope you have many more memories, happiness and experiences to come in your years together. ♥

  4. Happy Anniversary! This is adorable! I love all of your mushy quotes! I am a newlywed myself :)

    Good luck with your new job!

  5. Happy anniversary pretty girl!! You wedding still is...and most likely always will of my absolute favorites! Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. You two are adorable and make a great couple!! Happy Anniversary girl!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  7. Happy 1 year!!! Our one year anniversary is next week, it feels like it has just flown by too!


  8. so sweet, happy anniversary!! and how exciting about the new job, that's awesome..congrats! it's easy to get stuck in a job that's comfortable, so good for you making a change! it can be scary!

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! Loving all those quotes.

  10. Perfect couple! Happy Anniversary!!!


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