Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pizzeria Bianco!

Over the weekend one of my good friends and I had a fun little day, laying out by the pool, shopping at Nordstrom Rack and Target, followed by a delicious dinner at Pizzeria Bianco. 
If you live in Phoenix or have visited,  you may have heard of this fantastic little restaurant. Typically this restaurant has roughly a 2 hour wait at any given time. Yes, 2 hours! Insanity, I know! 

When I first moved back to AZ, I went here - mainly because I was curious about what the big fuss was. If you are in the mood to have a date night, and are prepared to wait and possibly hang out at Bar Bianco next door, you'll love this place! The first location is in Downtown Phoenix, Heritage Square. Super cute old little thing with about 12 tables inside and a very simple menu. 

Back to our fun little dinner date, as we finished our shopping we headed to a little pita place we always go to and right behind it we saw the sign. PIZZERIA BIANCO. We both were totally surprised and like Whhhhat? Another location? Really? How had we not heard of it? So we walked up to find out some info, it was in fact a new location of the famous Pizzeria Bianco! The best part, we walked right in, and got a table - NO WAITING. 

So this new location is off 20th St and Camelback near Nordstrom Rack. Below are some pics of what we tried. Oh and we did get a really yummy cheese plate but we started eating before I remember a pic! I always do that! 

So if you are ever in the area or visiting, you should try it!


  1. Pizza places are my favorite!! they are always so yummy!! glad u had a good weekend!!

  2. I swear everybody has posted about this place over the weekend! Must go try!!

  3. That looks absolutely, mouth-wateringly delicious = I'd so believe the hype based on pictures alone! :)

  4. YUM!

  5. Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing this! I am always in that area and have never seen it... Definitely going this weekend!!



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