Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Here are a few pictures from our first couple weeks in Utah. The weather has been just beautiful! I think people that live here don't realize how pretty the views are here. The mountains are just incredible. We are getting adjusted and its starting to feel a little more like home. As you know, last weekend was our 1st anniversary and I got B this beach cruiser. I've had mine for about 4 years and I go in spurts of riding it. B and I always talk about getting him one but just haven't done it so I thought this would be the perfect gift! I'm so happy becuase he loves it! He has taken it for a ride almost every day so far! We went for a ride last night and it was really fun, not going to lie, the hills are so hard on bikes with only one gear! Haha my legs were feeling the burn! Oh and I love how it stays light out until about 9:30, that leaves so much more time to get things done after work, I feel much more productive! 

Since we arrived we have trying to look at neighborhoods, different areas of town to feel out our options. It's been a fun process and I think the homes here are just adorable. Everything in AZ was much more desert looking and cookie cutter. Here are a couple we looked at. We still have NO IDEA what area we want or anything but the more we look the more educated we'll be for our upcoming decision.

As you know (if you are a loyal reader ;)) I made these yummy summer cookies, Strawberry Lemonade! They are super sweet so I could just eat one but they are a fun new recipe to try! (Recipe was posted a couple days ago.) 
Next are some pictures with friends, all B's friends (well my friends now too) as well as their wives are great, we all get along and have so much in common. We are so lucky to have this fun group to do stuff with.

Officially summer in Utah!


  1. Welcome to Utah! The mountains are amazing. They still look fake to me :)

  2. You guys should move to Daybreak. It is so stinkin' cute out there. A little out west, but not too far.

  3. Aww love it! So glad you have been enjoying the time there so far! Can't wait to see when you guys decide on a house! :)

  4. Cute photos! & happy house-hunting, that's exciting!

    Lauren xx


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