Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dressy in Mauve

I just realized that this look really is all mauve-ish and neutral. Blouse, Lips, Nails, Shoes. I found this shirt during a F21 Haul, I must have been there a good 2 hours. Since I'm new to Utah, I'm still feeling out all the stores and the F21 that I went to is huge. It's 2 floors and a little scattered but I made my way through it realizing I really needed to pick through things. 
Sometimes I get super lucky and find lots of perfect things, other times I'm like Ok I am clearly not 21 anymore and my body does not fit in these clothes! Anyway I loved the details on this blouse, the ruffles and neckline are so femine and then the gold buttons down the back. I was sold. 

What are you favorite stores to shop at? If you are a Utah girl... are there any hidden gems I need to know about? I would love to hear your favorites!  

(Top: F21, Skirt: Nordstrom (OLD), Bag: Kate Spade, Shoes: Sole Society, Watch: Nixon, Glasses: Firmoo, Lips: NYX Minimalism)


  1. koo de ker in sugarhouse, hip and humble in sugarhouse, soel boutique in orem. welcome to utah! :)


  2. you look super cute! (as always). I love that blouse!

  3. That blouse is really not my usual style but I really love it! You looks super cute in those glasses too.


  4. Cute outfit! I feel the same way about F21, sometimes I find cute things, other times it's way too overwhelming and makes me feel really old! xoxo

  5. Where at in Utah do you live? You look gorgeous! That top was a phenomenal find!

  6. Ow ow ow!! You are workin those glasses girly! Love this look :)

  7. Love the blouse and whole outfit.. Sadly I just can't do forever 21. While my skinny self fits in the stuff, all the ones by me are two stories and huge and way too overwhelming to me. I miss the small ones that were easier to navigate!

  8. Cute outfit! Love the blouse and those glasses.. The forever 21 store that I live close to has two floors as well. I find it a little too big sometimes as I am spending most of my time in there looking through all the scattered items. It's a little annoying at times!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  9. That blouse is gorgeous!!! Love the glasses :)

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  10. I am a Utah girl too! For some unique boutiques I love Koo De Ker and Apartment 202 in foothill area. Thanks for linking up to the floral trend spin linkup :)

    The Fashion Canvas

  11. nice outfit! so pretty and polished!

  12. You could try Thistles in Draper

  13. That lipstick looks gorgeous on you! So jealous of your full lips. Also, your hair is to die for, so beautiful and shiny. The overall look is really classic and feminine, suits you very well <3


  14. Can u include exact style number for those glasses ?


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