Monday, June 24, 2013


Growing up I always loved the 4th of July, we always gathered with friends and family, barbequed and  the watched fireworks. I love the traditions that come along with the 4th of July, over the past few years my love for this holiday has grown. This year since we are back in Utah, we are going to the 4th of July neighborhood breakfast. The neighborhood that my husband grew up in has been doing this annual breakfast for over 30 years and this will be the first time I get to go to this famous breakfast! See, these are the traditions I'm talking about - I just love them! After that we are visiting with some friends who are coming in town and probably taking the beach cruisers for a ride (our good friends just got cruisers, too!) then later that night we'll all do a big date night dinner followed by the park for watching fireworks! I'm so excited for all this! Then the next day we leave for our big camping trip, again super excited for this! We haven't been camping in a while so we are definitely looking forward to it! 
I put together a little board of some items that I came across that I just love for the 4th. 

Do you have any fun 4th of July Traditions that you remember growing up? Or any new ones you have created? And anyone from Utah... any fun things you would recommend? We have a park we are thinking of for fireworks but if you have any amazing spots you would like to share, please do, I would love to hear them!


  1. I love that dress, it's super cute!

  2. Oh how gorgeous! I'll make the next days a 4th July post too!:)


  3. I love your style! I can't get enough of chambray, its so versatile.

  4. That dress is ADORABLE!!


  5. I've been eyeing that shirt from Old Navy! So cute! Love getting all dressed up for our 4th of July get togethers :)

  6. Looks like I will be going to Target to find that dress! Thanks for sharing!!


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