Thursday, August 8, 2013


I have been wanting to do this post for quite awhile! I am so proud of one of my friends and I just had to share her story with you! Losing weight is on everyone's mind these days, I honestly don't know anyone who feels just perfect the way they are. Even my teeniest, in shape friends have something that they want to change. I feel like I am constantly seeing weight loss commercials, pills, dieting programs etc, as we all are. This post is special to me because it's one of my very best friends' weight loss story, and I am oh-so proud of her. She was one of my bridemaids and has been one of my very best friends for over 10 years. 
In January of this year she began working out and changing her eating habits, then shortly after she started working with a personal trainer, along with that she started a shake mix called ViSalus. It's a powder that you use for smoothies and replace 2 meals with a smoothie. I must mention there are a ton of recipes so you have lots of variety in shake combinations. Below are some pictures of her journey over the past 7 months. It's pretty incredible to see it before my very eyes, she has worked so hard and has completly changed her life. I told her I wanted to post something about what she has done on my blog and I'm so happy she was up for it! I also got more information on her program and made a little list of basics to start the shakes and things to get started for recipe ideas. 

I wanted to put together a little collage of some basic things to get you started with making shakes. Along with the shake mix, these items can get you started with lots of variety. 

Go here for shake recipies:

Now on to the BEFORE/AFTER pics! 

Doesn't she look amazing?!

Q & A with Carly:

Are you keeping track of your exact weight loss in pounds?
- Yes, I am down 66 pounds since January of this year.
How often are you drinking a shake?
- I have a breakfast shake 5-6 days a week and I have a lunch shake 4-5 days a week.
Is that all you eat besides dinner?
- No, I have snacks in between, my favorites are: protein bars, fruit, veggies with hummus, yogurt, celery with peanut butter etc. 
Then you just eat a balanced dinner?
- Yes I just eat the correct proportions of a healthy meal, grilled chicken, a vegtable and a small salad. The shakes really fill me up though, by the time dinner comes I'm not starving like I used to be so it much easier to eat a lean healthy dinner. 

I am just so proud of her and excited for her! She has been changing so many aspects of her life to put herself first. This is so much harder than it looks and I have seen first hand how much she is putting into this. Multiple gym workouts, hiking, spin classes, running, and of course eating better and making ViSalus shakes! We all can relate and at some time or another we have tried toning up or losing weight, with that you have to be so determined and it's hard when you still want to be social and go places with friends. It's all about making better choices and being responsible for your body and health. Making this commitment to yourslef is so inspiring! She has done such an amazing job. I love when she sends me pictures of healthy new recipies she has tried, it's super motivating! The best part is these pics are the real deal straight from her phone or facebook page, there is no editing no fluff - this is her real life transformation! If you want any more info on the exact program, feel free to email me and I can put you in touch with her. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maybe my favorite outfit ever!

Now that we are getting more settled in Utah, I can't et over how beautiful it is. The mountains are gorgeous and I love the summer nights. It is nice and warm during the day, then at night it cools off and  I just love it. I want to soak up every single minute becuase I know the winter's are a different story. Ha! Good luck to me. 
Alright so a while back I saw an outfit on pinterest it was a long cream tulle skirt with this redish plaid shirt. I was OBSESSED. For some reason I just loved this look. The contract of the plaid with the super flowy girlie skirt just did it for me. Anyway just recently at good ole Forever 21, I found this shirt adn paird with with my favorite skirt ever and her we have it. I love this outfit. I guess it could appear a little cowgirlish but I don't see it that way I just love this combo especailly with the girlie nude pumps. 
House hunting has been going good up here and B an I have narrowed our search to a couple areas. We are actually waiting on some answers right now that could secure our decision. We have a long way to go in this home buying process but I am trying to remember that this is the fun part, we are at such an exciting time being able to do this. We are so very lucky and I'm excited to be in this next chapter of our life. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday! 

The Outfit Details:
Skirt: H&M (Old) similiar HERE or HERE
Shirt: Forever 21 HERE
Shoes: Sole Society HERE
Sunglasses: Ray Ban HERE
Lips: MAC Lady Danger HERE
Watch: Nixon HERE
Bag: Target (Old) similiar HERE

Monday, August 5, 2013


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