Tuesday, September 17, 2013



This past week I had a birthday and was surrounded by lots of love. I was able to celebrate with friends and family and in my eyes most importantly, I felt special. I am a huge fan of birthday's, I enjoy celebrating people and making them feel special on their day. Weather it's a cute card or little gift, flowers, cupcakes or balloons, I like to recognize it. I was out of town for my actual birthday and the week following it, so when I came home I was overwhelmed with sweet cards and little packages from my sweet friends and family. You know who you are and I can't thank you enough. I loved all the gifts and cards but I decided to write about one in particular becuase it is a gift that lasts much longer than one day and I think this is such a great idea, I had to share. So if you need a cute birthday gift for the person that has everything or you just want something unique - here is the perfect gift. 

I know there has been a big buzz about Birchbox in blog world and many of you may have already tried it but I wanted to give my first hand review. First off, you can order for yourself or in my case, my best friend ordered it for me and had it sent for my birthday gift. SO EXCITING! Thank you Mer! I'm not sure how many months I will be recieving this little box of goodness but I sure am excited. I am a total sucker for cute packaging, so it's got me there! Then I love all things beauty and make-up! And finally, each item is teeny - just the right size to try before committing to the full-size item!

My first box included:
• Herstyler Hair Serum
• uniqONE All In One Hair Treatment
• Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm
• Sport Coola Sunscreen
• Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes
• Color Club Classic Nail Polish

I would love to know what items you have revieved from Birchbox, and what items you love! Please feel free to share and if you have any Birchbox questions let me know!


  1. Girl! You got some great stuff! I've had no complaints towards Birchbox yet, unlike some people; I guess I've been lucky,

    Such a cute idea for a birthday gift too! :)

    Dani Rose

  2. You're welcome.. and this little fun box of beauties will be coming to you for 6 months. Enjoy! Love you!

  3. I've been debating on giving Birchbox a try for months. I panic with clutter tho so I've always decided against it. I imagine a million little bottles/packages cluttering my bathroom. haha! You got some really great items in your box tho...I might have to get over my fear and give it a try!

    And I agree...this is such a great idea to give as a gift!

  4. I subscribed to the Birchbox for over a year and I loved it. Then I discovered the 'Ipsy glam bag' and boom! Birchbox didn't stand a chance. If you really enjoy Birchbox you should look into 'Ipsy', you'll love it. Happy belated birthday =)



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