Wednesday, January 15, 2014

20 Weeks!

I can hardly believe I am half way there! It has gone by so quickly this far. I am so thankful that I have felt good since day one, I guess each and every person is just different and everyone handles it differently. My mom said she never had any morning sickness so it's possible that it's hereditary? All I can say is this little one has been so good to me, I couldn't ask for a better pregnancy. This week and last, have really marked some big changes, mainly the belly growing. It just all of a sudden was there! I can feel the movements a lot more frequently and Bryce was able to feel a little moving the other day. It was so exciting! He just smiles and says "Is it weird?" I think it is so amazing and I love feeling the moving, I think it just reassures me that all is good in there. 
I think I might be to the point of fully preferring maternity pants now or strictly leggings. Today I wore a pencil skirt to work and its one that always had a little extra room, but today it is snug. I think this skirt is retiring for a while after today. 

I did want to share that I have found some great maternity items at Old Navy and Gap so if any of you are looking for stuff, check there! I found these cute red cordoroy skinny pants as well as a grey and white stripped dress all on sale for a smoking deal. I can just start my maternity collection and then hang on to it as I hope there are more kiddos for us down the road. 

If any of you have any great maternity stores to tell me about, I would love to know! Any secret spots that have great items? I have gotten a couple things at H&M as well as Target but I am open for more suggestions. 

I am about to travel tomorrow to Dallas to visit one of my very best friends in her new hometown, she had lived there for a couple years but this is the first time I have made it out there for a visit so I am super excited to have a weekend of girl time. One of my other best friends will also be there the same weekend so I got a 2 for 1 and I am so excited! 

Well, that is about all I have but I wanted to just post a quick little update on the belly! 


  1. You look so beautiful with your adorable bump girly :)

  2. You look so beautiful!! You definitely have the pregnancy glow!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. You look amazing! I'm looking forward to all your bump updates. Are you guys finding out the gender or did you?!

  4. You're looking so cute! Congrats! And good to know for the future where to get cute maternity clothes!

  5. Congratulations, you are such a cute mama! :) hope it stays easy til the little nugget pops out, you are just glowing!

    baewatchfitness.blogspot xoxo

  6. Well I'm SO glad pregnancy symptoms are not hereditary in my family because my mom had serious nausea/morning sickness for all 9 months of her pregnancy for all her kids (3 of us). I had extremely mild morning sickness for my first pregnancy and none at all for my second (7 months pregnant now). But it is true that everyone is different, and one person's own pregnancies may be different from each other.

  7. I'm a new follower and I'm loving your blog! Congrats on the banana-sized baby!! Can't wait to keep following along with your journey!


  8. Congradulations! I just discovered your blog!

  9. Can't remember if I already said already- but congratulations!! You look stunning! You will be one glamorous mummy! ♥

  10. Congrats! Just wait till you pop... I am 23 weeks and it literally happend overnight about a week ago! Looking forward to watching your journey while I continue on mine!


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