Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21 Weeks! And a story to think about.

It's funny how many people want to follow along and seem more interested when you are pregnant. I guess it's just one of those beautiful things. I have lots of new instragram followers and I think most of them are soon to be mama's as well. It's a way to relate and see people in your same situation going through the same experience. Anyway I love it and I love the new people who are following along. I admit I like to follow prego women too, just to see their bump grow as well. 
For those of you that might not be as interested now that my blog will be focusing a lot more on being pregnant and those updates, I apologize. I want to keep the progress documented, how I look and feel, watch the belly grow and remember all the little things through out this incredible experience. 
I will be posting all about my trip to Dallas and our fun girls weekend last this week but for now I wanted to just say how crazy it is to start feeling those protective mother instincts. For instance, I was on my way there, just getting ready to take off and as the plane began to enter the air and I couldn't help but thing to myself "it's OK baby", just wanting to reassure the baby that the weird flying feelings were fine. I was hoping the baby wasn't feeling different or noticing being way up in the air with the turbulence. It was me wanting to protect, it was me feeling responsible for this life and making sure everything was OK. 
I'm sure emotions like this will continue to happens as time goes on but becoming a Mom is definitely going to change me, it will add so much to what I already am and I can't wait to experience all those feelings for a new life. 
While I am on the topic of emotions, you have to read this. So on the flight home I am sitting in the window spot with a little boy in the middle and his mom in the aisle. The boy is about 3 and then his big sister who was about 6 and her Dad were sitting right behind us. He was so excited to be on this plane ride, I later found out it was his first time on a plane. He was looking out the window and asking a ton of questions. He wanted to know when we were going to fly. It was so cute to see this experience through his eyes. His mom started talking to me about Utah and asking if I was from there, they were visiting and I think she was looking for fun activities. Long story short, she revealed that they were on this journey to SLC for their Dad's Cancer treatment. For whatever reason, they had to come to a specific treatment center in SLC. The couple decided to take the kids along on this trip and make a vacation out of it.The kids we so excited to be able to play in the snow!
The whole reason I am sharing this story is because you truly never know what other people are going through in their life. Little did I know this family is dealing with a terrible illness and I would guess these parents hadn't disclosed this information to their young children. In the eyes of the children, they were simply going on a vacation to play in the snow. 
Thinking about it later it really made me think about how blessed we are for all the people in our life and the health that we have. I hope this at least just makes you thankful for what you have and it's so true, you never know what kind of battles people are facing. 


  1. Love the update, and you look amazing! Congrats girl! :)


  2. What a sweet story. Kids are always so excited about plane rides! I got a lot of new instagram followers while I was pregnant too :)

  3. A sad but beautiful story - and always so true that we never know the battles other people are facing each day. Loving your pre go posts sweet friend, especially as we are in the same week :)

  4. Very Cute girly! Congrats on having a girl by the way! We love girls over here:)
    Have a great day, and hope you're feeling good!

    xo, Emily

    The Freckled Fox


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