Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Baby Girl!


My 20 week ultrasound was schedule for January and this is "the big one" the one where they can tell you the gender and they check every little thing about baby. To say we both were anticipating this appointment was an understatement. 
Rewind for a minute. Bryce and I were spending Christmas in Las Vegas with my family so the idea came to me. We could go to one of those ultrasound places at 18 weeks (still a good chance they can tell the gender) and that way my parents and little brother can come and we can all be there together. Of course my Mom loved this idea! Since my mom isn't in Utah, she can't come to any of the little appointments with me so I thought this would be such a fun experience for all of us! Oh and this is my parents very FIRST grandchild. 

I found a place called Miracle in Progress and made the appointment for Christmas Eve (day). We all were so excited for this appointment to come. The night before was like Christmas! Knowing that the very next morning we would find out if there was a little girl or boy coming into our lives. The feeling was surreal and just incredible. 

The morning finally came and it was time to go find out this exciting news. This place was so great by the way, the room probably would have held 15 people. It was like a theater with couches and a bed in the middle for me to lay on. 
Of course the thought of them not being able to tell the gender or having the baby not be turned the correct way crossed my mind. I was hoping the baby cooperated. So we all go in the room and the ultrasound tech was so nice and so excited for us. Bryce even face-timed my best friend so she would watch as the gender was revealed. 

Let me rewind again. Prior to this, people kept asking, what do you think you are having? What do you want? Do you hope it's a girl? I honestly had NO CLUE what it was. My answer of course was a healthy baby, I would be so thrilled with either boy or girl. Deep down (being a girl) you kind want a little girl so I think if I HAD to have chosen I would have picked girl. With that being said, I thought there is NO WAY it will be a girl, NO WAY. I think I am getting a boy first. There was just something that made me feel more like it wasn't going to be a girl first, that I would get my girl, just not yet. 

Back to the appointment. The tech started looking around and showing us what was what and what baby was doing. We saw the head and legs and lots of moving around. Then she confirmed that we wanted to find out the gender and we all said "YES!" Then within seconds it was clear as day there were two legs and nothing going on in between! It was a GIRL!!!

Bryce was holding my hand and leaned in an kissed me, and said he was so happy. I was so happy, I was just so so so happy and excited and in this state of almost shock. We were going to have a daughter. Ahhhh. Love the sound of that. 

Later that night (Christmas Eve) as we were getting ready for bed after such a big day, I came in and sat by Bryce. I immediately started balling, the tears were just flowing. Bryce was concerned and curious and finally the words came out. "I am just so happy," I said. It was like I had so many emotions built up inside of me and I had to let out those tears of pure, genuine happiness. I felt SO blessed. To be able to have such a wonderful husband, amazing parents and little brother surrounding me and then this little baby girl coming into our life. It was incredible. People say you never know true love, this kind of love until you have a child but it's so true. I haven't even met her but the love I have for her is unreal. This is what life is all about, these moments. 


  1. Awwww! Such a sweet story girly.....and congrats of baby girl!! Yay! She will be a fashionista for sure ;) So happy for your growing family!

  2. I am SO happy for you both! Such a sweet baby girl is is going to be, congratulations!

    xo, Kylie Rae

  3. AWWW So happy for you. congrats. your going to be a great mama

  4. Congrats! So exciting! Such a sweet story finding our about your baby girl.

  5. Congrats! How exciting!


  6. Woo hoo! What a great experience y'all had!

  7. This is so lovely! Congratulations...!
    Katie x

  8. This is so amazing, and maybe it's my preggy hormones but it made me cry too!
    CONGRATS mama, you are going to be the most amazing mama to a sweet, darling princess x

  9. Aww congratulation on having a girl! Little princesses are amazing. I was the same when i found out i was having a girl, i was convinced it was a boy. x


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