Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outfit Inspiration for the bump!

So now that I will need to be making style choices that include this little growing belly, I thought I would get some inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers. Oh and if you have not visited these blogs previously, take some time and look around they all have such great style and many more maternity looks to give you ideas! These are just a few of my favorites! 

I think the best way to style your body when pregnant is to of course remain true to yourself and your personal style but also, EMBRACE the bump and focus on it. There is nothing worse than not being able to tell if someone has a baby bump or not. The way I look at it is this is such a great experience so why not flaunt it and love it and totally embrace what your body is doing. 

All of these looks are pretty much layered and tend to be more fall focused which is perfect for me and the timing right now, it's FREEZING here so there are no summer dresses in the cards for me right now. However when May hits and it actually warms up, I might have to do another one of these inspirations boards for summer looks. 

My next challenge is to start doing OOTD posts again but this time styling something cute that looks good with the belly that is starting to show. It will fun but definitely a challenge. I want to be a good resource for new mama's-to-be, I want to help you find cute looks or give you good ideas. Oh and if there are any key wardrobe items that you couldn't live without during pregnancy, please share! 

2. Via Love Taza
3. Via GBO Fashion
4. Via The Daybook
5. Via Pinterest 
6. Via The Daybook


  1. I swear I wore sweats the whole nine months I was pregnant. I was so uncomfortable! I have a super small frame and I wasn't use to the extra weight. That was three years ago.. Next time around I will definitely dress up that bump more!! Great picks you chose!! Enjoy your pregnancy and congrats!

  2. My wife was so embarrassed when she was pregnant. She thought that people would know she was pregnant and was embarrassed to go outside, even though she looked stunning.
    Harlin |


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