Monday, February 24, 2014

A skirt over the growing baby bump and some pregnancy updates!

Good Monday morning everyone! I have to be honest, I am NOT a fan of Monday's what-so-ever but this outfit post was taken on Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful outside! There is no way an outfit post would happen on Monday but it does make me happy when I have the post all ready to go for Monday morning. The weather here in Utah has been quite incredible! I guess it's unusual this time of year to have so many days in the 50's but I'll take it! B and I had such a productive weekend, he fit a round of golf in and I got some house shopping done. I was so happy with the items I found and am getting so excited and anxious to move into our house. Hopefully we are still looking at mid-late April! We also had so much fun celebrating the engagment of our friends Laura and Aaron, and had a fun little engagement party for them at this great restaurant, Trio. We had a cute private room and I think the whole night was just perfect for them! 

As for baby updates, this week I am 27 weeks and feeling really great. I know I will be getting much bigger so I feel like I can't complain. At night it is getting harder to turn over from side to side - seems like so much effort! Baby girl is moving lots and the other night I felt a really hard kick or something it was crazy! I'm always wondering what she's doing in there! Her movements are reassuring and they let me know she's good in there. Next week marks 7 months and I have my glucose test. So far my preggy friends have said it isn't all that bad. Yes the drink will be gross and super sweet but it comes with the whole experience. 

I also will be getting the RhoGam shot which for those of you that aren't familiar (I had no clue what this was) it's becuase my blood type is O negative. You can read about it here. It's not that common but since I found out my own blood type, 2 girls I work with as well as one of my very best friends has it - not so uncommon after all! I don't like the idea of a shot but it'll be fine and if this is what it takes to keep me and baby (future babies) healthy then I'm good with it! 

I'm not quite sure how much weight I have gained, trying not to be obsessed with the scale. I am guessing I have gained about 15 at this point. I am trying to go for runs (these runs are 1-2 miles ;)) and classes at the gym when I have time as well. I want to stay healthy and feel good and not have a ton of weight to get off after the baby so I'm just staying aware of it all. 

I was just telling B how weird it is that we won't have anymore ultrasounds. Meeting our baby girl is going to be so exciting! We both lay in bed talking about her, wondering what she'll be like, who she'll look like and just how incredible it all is. She is ours, she is what the 2 of us made and it's still so hard to wrap my head around. B is so good to me, he is always kissing my belly, telling me how happy he is to meet her, how lucky we are and that I look beautiful. It's so nice to hear and have him be sharing this every step of the way with me. Thank you Bryce for taking care of me and being the amazing man that you are. 

Skirt: H&M, Top: H&M, Bag: Lulu's, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Watch: Nixon, Necklace: Kate Spade, Lips: Revlon Orange Flip

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Polka dot blazer and my first pair of maternity jeans!

That's right, my first pair of maternity jeans and I really like them! They are cute and really comfortable! I have a link at the bottom in case anyone else is looking for some cute skinny jeans to accomodate the belly! This blazer is also a Target find, on clearance for $10.98, such a good deal. It's perfect for work or a fun night out, the polka-dots add so much to it! After posting a few maternity looks from my favorite fashion bloggers, I realized a few of them were wearing blazers and it looked so cute. It always helps to see ideas and then re-create it in your own way. :)
To all the mom's out there, what were your main go-to items during pregancy? Maxi's? Leggings? What other staples should I look for?
Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

[Blazer: Target, Necklace: Francesca's, Tee: Old Navy, Purse: H&M, Jeans: Target, Boots: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Rayban]
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